hi boundless community,
[obligatory statement about how much i love this game, but wish it had this oooone thing]

OK. Quick and reliable traversal is a huge component of boundless, especially on the upper tier worlds. and thus, we’ve all come to rely on good grapples for getting around.Grapples are cool and great for climbing, but they do you no good when you’re standing on a cliff and need to get down and swim across a body of water in front of you, or get down from someone’s sky mall. And of course, on the way down you slam into some blocks and take some fall damage.

Don’t you wish you could use the height of the mountain you just scaled to get to the next region, a la breath of the wild? Or safely descend from altitude 200 toward (or away from) a meteor that just fell?

Gliders would make lateral movement way easier, a giant quality of life improvement for a game which ends up being a lot of climbing and swimming.

If you need an example of gliders in a voxel world being amazing, check out Dragon Quest Builders 2.

As far as implementing them in boundless, they could be tiered based on material just like the other tools. Gliding would use your energy stats like any stamina meter, and better materials would increase the distance you can glide and the rate at which you fall.

Heavy materials like iron would make you fall faster, but would at least pad your fall. Light materials like gems and wood would soar further across gaps, but would depend on how much energy you have and the glider’s durability.

OK. thats it. there’s my suggestion. “Gliders.” wow!

thank u devs I love this game,


Are you a Far Cry fan?

Reminds me of Far Cry 3 and 4. That was fun. Then on FC 5 it was wingsuits which were a blast too.

I doubt we will see that in Boundless, but I like your post


i havent played but ive seen it! i dont think ive ever played a game with a glide i didnt like. lookin @ you, knuckles in sonic adventure 2

yeah definitely not expecting this to happen but banjo got into smash bros soooooo u never know


Welcome to the forum. :wink:

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i like the idea… anything added to movement is great in my book.

We who like exploring this could be good addition.


Welcome!! :slight_smile: And yep, gliders or wingsuits would be a ton of fun! :grin:


i guess wingsuits could also fix the issue of everyone running around in just a towel :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish they would add some sort of glider suit. It has been suggested a few times, and always seems like it would be a great addition. Boundless is weird though, so it’d probably end up being a shovel boon or something. And if you tried to hold it in your left hand while switching to cooked meat in your right hand, your character would undoubtedly spaz out, switch both hands and die :no_mouth:

Welcome to Boundless! :joy:


playing Creativerse? there you can use gliders :slight_smile:

i havent! is it worth checking out? it looks pretty… umm… “free to play”

i was curious where you got glider idea and immediatly it remind me of creativerse :slight_smile: i played it awhile, and yes, i think it is worth checking, i had fun playing it, unless i found Boundless :slight_smile: i still love idea of taming, feeding, showering monstersa and sheering them for loot :slight_smile: and i love their “blueprint” system :slight_smile:

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noted! ill have to check it out. the glider idea is mostly from transitioning from dragon quest builders 2 back to boundless, and breath of the wild. and me just needing to get down from a high ledge…

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I like the drops you get from them, but I found the cleaning, feeding, etc of them a bit annoying and usually prefer to just get them in the wild now. I did collect one of each for my little “zoo” lol

@shilly There are several games where you can fly or glide & I do wish Boundless had some form of transportation.

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I paused boundless to play through breath of the wild. Killed myself multiple times jumping from high mountains and trying to glide down when I switched back ha!

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Is dragon quest builders 2 worth a buy?

Glider is only for paid version in Creativerse. I did play it, its great for enthusiast builders, but for me Boundless with the Hunts is more “action” and more “group events” and the feel of the “huge universe” and the challenge of fueling portals and the “chiseling” and “forging”, and, and… :heart_eyes:


yes yes yes!! it’s an incredible game, especially if you like block builders (which i imagine you do if you’re here, lol)

the story is good, and you get a 5x5 AOE hammer by default :stuck_out_tongue:
they also have a super useful tool that lets you swap the materials of the blocks under you or in a wall and return those to your inventory. super super useful. there’s a lot there boundless could steal tbh

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yeah looking at the previews of it i immediately missed the feeling of walking through a portal to another planet. dream mechanic <3
there’s so many cool mechanics intertwined in boundless that make it as cool as it is. hard to compete :^)

Far cry grapple + Glider

Unstoppable momentum.

It’d be awesome if you could dive bomb attack mobs from your glider!