Glitch Guild Glitch?

So… I went to clean my guild book and saw someone hadn’t been on in 27 weeks… They didn’t have anything aligned and didn’t look active.

I went to go and remove the player from the guild and got this error message:

When I click “yes” to remove character it keeps popping up. If I hit “NO” to cancel, it shows they are in this status:

Is this a bug? Or am I going crazy?

Mods: If this is in violation for showing a live error please let me know I will remove the character names. I am just trying to show an error.

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What’s your guild setup like? Could you also submit a game log just after selecting the options?

I will do so when I get home from work today.

We have 2 other factions tied to our guild but neither are really used. This is from our Core Guild.

Game Log will be submitted here [I’ll edit the post]