Glitch in Lapas Capital build

I was clearing ground for the Lapas Capital and all of a sudden, it wouldnt clear anymore and the ground glitched out really crazy like LOL see the shots…

Is there a Dev around to take a peek at it and see if i should just reload the world or its something on your side doing it?

Thanks so much,


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Try reloading. Assuming the server is ok - it should be ok.

Let us know.

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Ok looks like it happens when i clear too many blocks at a time? and if i teleport to a different server and then back to Lapas, its fine

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I was having a similar glitch happen when clearing a large amount of blocks.
We should probably just be able to remove them faster :stuck_out_tongue:

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yea i reload and its ok then when i remove a whole bunch again…they get all crazy again LOL

MC had glitches like this all the time and no one ever bothered to fix em.