Gob's 2021 wishlist

Here’s straight-up any and all of the things I’m hoping to see this year in Boundless, by order of what I want most :

• Furniture (beds, chairs, tables, props, the stuff we’ve seen concept arts for many years now…)
• More crafted blocks (anything, really…)
• More options for Creative Worlds, to :

  • decide who can fly and who can’t
  • decide who can grapple to surfaces and who can’t
  • disable some skills like double-jump and agility
  • override weather without requiring visitors to use a totem
  • disable the growth of plants and select their stage of growth

• Hanging vines you can place on the ceiling like starberries or leaves you can place on walls like signs. Hytale does that.
• Being able to place props/flowers/mushrooms on walls and ceiling.
• Ladders! Coffee Stain recently added them to Satisfactory, and it changes SO MUCH of how we think about designing builds, it’s so much more efficient than big clonky stairs!
• New natural-block variations (a 4th version of grass, leaves, rocks…)?
• Prefabs on exoworlds that use crafted-blocks - micro-dungeons to explore and get lost in?
• Crazy idea : what if embedded ressources (fossils, ancient tech, minerals) were 3D props jutting out of blocks? The impact on the game’s artstyle would be awesome when you look at a cliffside or a mineshaft. Hytale does that.
• More chisel shapes!

• Actual community-managing on Youtube. Boundless’ Youtube Channel hasn’t been updated in 2 years! You’re lucky Jiviita does videos for you guys. I’m just sayin’, look at the videos Coffee Stain’s community manager does. Jace is a troll and we all love him for it. They have a video where they do a tour of their office, a video where they talk about upcoming updates, they do Q&As, they drip-feed us trailers focused on one addition at a time to build-up hype, even some videos where they show us how the development works on their side, how complicated it is and give us some ideas of things that might come later
The side-effect is that they appear human and relatable.
And you’d think that with Covid, they would’ve slowed down, but they uploaded 48 videos in the past 12 months.


Yay a thread that brings together what you’ve wanted :smiley: