Gold fist missing from craft list [resolved]


I have 4 points in weapon crafting, knowledge tab says only 2 required and craftable via Workbench.

On correct alt with correct skills, but the crafting recipe is not available in the Workbench.

Am I missing something here?


Do you have the deluxe edition of the game?
This craft is not available without it.


Yes, the deluxe upgrade is what you’re missing!


If you have the items I can make them for you also same goes for iron fist :smiley:



mutter mutter, stupid deluxe upgrade not available yet on ps4, grrrr

I didn’t realise it was needed as it’s not mentioned in the description or tool tip!

@james I think this is an appropriate time to pester you about this again, any word on when the upgrade will be available?

Thanks for the offer of making them, I’ll probably take you up on that! I’m off out for a bit now, but will post when I’m back.


Exclusive items should probably have a string in the tooltip above the stats saying something like “Deluxe Edition Crafteable” or something.


Yeah, for the explorers fist it does state for explorer rank only.


Can craft those too on my steam account :wink:


I can craft both on my ps4 account if someone needs. Of course you’ll have to supply the mats. I don’t keep those around. :joy:


I’ve marked this as resolved



I left enough mats for 10 mass crafts of each of explorer’s and gold fist at the Nova Golda Totem Machine.

If either of you kind people wanna hit the go button, it would be most appreciated!


there we go just queue them up


I saw it happen :joy: also I don’t have perms to do it. Sooo


Ah, I think if you join Nova Golda, Aenea can easily give perms (I don’t think I have the power!)


Awesome, thanks


I am part of nova golda :joy:


I think @AeneaGames just needs to sort perms for you at the totem machine then!


You now have worker perms in the Workers faction!

Though if Fida drops the mats in there my Steam char can craft them too…