Very much, but I’ve yet to come across anybody active or have anything more than a crafting station, or workbench, in their wide-open base. Or even a trading spot. If you know of anyone with gold to spare, on the beginner world, I’ll be happy to travel to the ends of it for a trade.

Which world might that be, by the way? There are a handful of beginning worlds based on geographic location.

My friends and I are on the world; Solum.

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Haven’t heard great reports of gold on solum, but it should be in big jagged mountains that have lots of coal/copper/iron on the outside as said above.

I’ve found it in altitudes from 90 to 150, have also found titanium on the starter worlds.

There are several on this forum (myself included) that are willing to warp players to other planets for the cost of coins, just put your coords up and we’ll agree a time or PM me


Gold is most likely to be found at least 30 blocks under deserts and at least 15 blocks away from cave surfaces.


So not ice mountains? That’s where I’ve had my luck

most likely

Haha okay, and am I right in thinking mountains have the best luck because the calculations mean the 30 blocks below the surface is high up in the air?

Kinda - from digging around the game files, it looks like resources bias towards different surface block types, altitudes, and other variables, but there’s some randomness involved too.

For example, given the settings for gold (in that linked file, and pasted below), and @james’ helpful hint, here’s how I interpret it:

  • Gold is most likely to spawn under surface sand - (surfaceFavourite)
    • It also has a chance to spawn under surface dirt - (surfaceSecondFavourite)
  • It prefers spawning…
    • …30+ blocks under the surface (blocksAboveMin?)
    • …15+ blocks away from caves (distanceMin?)
    • …at an altitude of 100+ (altitudeBestLower)

So you’re looking for desert mountains that reach up to an altitude of 130+, and you want to start digging into them at around 100+, I think

Here’s the gold specific settings from that file. The servers might have different values, so take it with a grain of salt:

    "shape": "VEIN",
    "sizeMin": 5,
    "sizeMax": 15,
    "altitudeMax": 255,
    "altitudeMin": 0,
    "altitudeBestLower": 100,
    "altitudeBestUpper": 255,
    "blocksAboveMax": 200,
    "blocksAboveMin": 30,
    "blocksAboveBestLower": 50,
    "blocksAboveBestUpper": 130,
    "distanceMax": 200,
    "distanceMin": 15,
    "distanceBestLower": 25,
    "distanceBestUpper": 130,
    "surfaceFavourite": "SAND",
    "surfaceSecondFavourite": "DIRT",
    "liquidFavourite": "WATER",
    "liquidSecondFavourite": "WATER",
    "caveWeighting": 1,
    "threeDWeighting": 1,
    "liquidAboveMax": 64,
    "liquidAboveMin": 0,
    "liquidAboveBestLower": 0,
    "liquidAboveBestUpper": 64

Aha, that explains a lot - my snowy mountains have a large amount of sand in them :smiley:

I think it only spawns (or prefers to) if that sand actually breaks the surface, though

I’m beginning to think these files should not be accessible to the client with people like @nevir sniffing through the files. :smile: Might be another avenue for people to exploit. This is coming, however, from a person who doesn’t know how feasible exploitation and implementing a limitation of access would be. :slight_smile:

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It’s already covered - client side configs are only to speed things up on the local machine. The servers still have to validate and parse that code on that side as well.

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Like Havok40k said it does seem to connect with other resources and spawn a lot more in the colder areas. I had found 26 gold ore in one spot while mining for copper and iron. Also had found titanium in that same area. It was on Solum

I understand your point though I was pertaining more on the “understanding” game logic/design rather than modifying it. For this instance, he has an edge on other players where to look for gold seam no matter how trivial that info would be.

If we couldn’t get it this way, players would eventually build a stat base and work it out anyway :slight_smile: doesn’t really matter

Yeah, and there’s plenty of potential spoilers in those files too. It’s unfortunately pretty difficult (and often literally impossible) to prevent players from digging out information like it.

I think the best bet is for the community to be open about the information that they dig up - that way everyone can benefit, rather than some “elite” few that are in the know. Optimistic, I know :slight_smile: This works pretty well in most communities, though (see for WoW, etc).

If the game stores something on your disk, or in memory, an enterprising player will always be able to (eventually) gain access to it. At best, the devs can try to make that process more difficult (via encryption, or obfuscation). It’s a losing battle, and not really worth the effort (especially for a small dev studio).

For these specific settings, I suspect that they don’t really need to be included with the steam-bundled game, since the server is the one operating against them. (But not worth the effort of hiding from players, …yet) So, resource regeneration config may actually be one of the few game systems that can be hidden from us players.

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In that case, you’ll be the “elite” one and we peasants will beg for your wisdom. :smile:

Kidding aside, I agree that this shouldn’t be added to the devs’ plate (probably at least not for now) with so much more meaningful task to allot their time to. Cheaters/Hackers would get their ways anyway if they’re persistent enough. (Looking at other online multiplayer games backed up with big studios and yet you’ll still find a couple of them).

This was only supposed to meant for the dev team to have it on their radar and could probably tweak something if a quick solution crosses their mind before things get out of hand. :slight_smile:

On a side note, I don’t think the community here is toxic enough for this to be a problem (yey!) … for now :disappointed_relieved:

Thankfully I’m a little more socialist than, say, @Havok40k :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey now! I share my vast knowledge with anybody who asks! The soul binding contract that comes with that knowledge is just to insure that knowledge goes to the most… worthy… :smiling_imp: