Goo farm

I have just recently started my goo farm. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if they know of any good farms that I could check out. Looking to make improvements.

Does anyone know a mixture list when making sprays? Up to this point I’ve been winging it(having a blast) but a little guidance never hurts


@wakeNbake & @VirtualEclipse :slight_smile:

@Scavenger @KKBell I imagine have a good setup since they have that paint shop.

@Larky has a small but nice one.

@AeneaGames you get into the goo farming?

I’d be happy to give a tour of my farm, though it’s always a work in progress!

There’s also a lot of discussion here:

Mines pretty basic at the moment

Oh also you can check out goo mixing tools here:

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Yes, and no, I dabbled a bit, wanted to get into it more so I was working on my new Goo Labs, then changed creative direction, twice, now in midst of moving all farms to a more remote’ish location…

I’ve got one with 215/75 crop gleam for conversion (each wing dedicated to the outlier A and B colors), a gleambow conversion crop setup 65/90, and a max crop stone setup 70/95. Raxxa -1992N, 1548E if you want to check it out!

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Have fun farming lol o/

Head to the Hunt Hive. Go to Besevrona hub. On the left hand side you will see a portal with no sign name. Enter goo farm.

Nice right now I’m at 215/75 on everything, also on raxxa


I have a two layer goo farm on backside of my base - so it would be easy to see all the chiseling for the lava.
At Hunt Hive My portal is in top corner near the Exo station. Once on base out the backside and downstairs.

I’ll check it out