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Welcome to Goo gel! Home of the rarer paint colors of the Boundless universe.
Similarities in name with other companies are just because of the base ingredient. Who else would name their company after a paint producing plant.

All paint colors: 50c

Focus lies on the production of the rarer colors with priority on sold out colors.
Some colors are still very hard to produce and will appear less often and in lower quantities. Research on these is still ongoing.
For the more common colors I recommend shopping at one of the lower priced shops.

Goo kernels: 80c for any color. Baskets on ground floor (left entrance)

15m south of PS Dzassak
Reachable via: PS Lamblis -> PS Imoco -> PS Dzassak

Recent Restocks
Mar 9 1.3k cans: Red, White + small amounts of other missing colors
Mar10 2.2k cans: Red, Luminous Yellow, Shadow Cerulean, Dark Rose, Night Fuchsia, Hot Magenta, Warm Violet, Night Lilac, Night Azure
Mar15 1.9k cans: Red, Night Fuchsia, Bright Red, Strong Azure
Mar23 22k cans: all sold out colors
Mar25 6.2k cans: sold out colors. Increased stock. All colors available





Great name!

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Just a tip on price buy goo. I Had been selling a few hundred new colours here and there for 150c (totally understand it’s for one or two colours only not any) and then wanted to sell my whole stash.

Put them all in a stand for 90c each. The were all gone in an hour so I think they were too cheap.

At 80c you may struggle to get many


Thank you for sharing your experience. It is always very valuable to have those.
You have to keep tax in mind so you are actually getting 81 or 84 with tax epic.
This is then 80 vs 84 which is actually pretty close. So far results were good but I will of course watch it as the market evolves.

Also thanks to all customers visting.

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Love the store, never seen so many spray cans! :smile:

PS. Is the spelling mistake intentional?

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I can’t resist. Did they misspell goo or gel? Or is it something in the store you mean?

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This is amazing, just been and bought 4 of every colour :smiley:

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Neither lol, I just thought it was meant to say Goo-gle :thinking:

That’s not how tax works :wink:
When you set something to buy for 80, the item will cost you 84 or 85. This extra 4 or 5, doesn’t go to the customer. They only still get 80. The extra money is literally tax that is taken out of the economy :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the nice words. Glad you like it :smiley:

We just have a misunderstanding here.
I was replying to the selling example. Sell for 90 and you get 81 or 84 depending on tax. Sell to a request basket and you get 80 as I have to pay the tax. This results in 80 vs 84 in best case then.

Thank you for the red spray @Lorgar you may want to stock up more :grin:

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@DrCyanide There is 400 more red available :wink:
Also added white and small amounts of other missing colors.

Goo basket is also refilled.

Ahh, i get it now! @Nightstar also tried to explain it to me but i was being stubborn :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re removing effort from the equation though. Putting stuff on a stand takes 0 effort. Finding request baskets takes 15.2 effort. Anyway, won’t derail this thread any longer :slight_smile:

Love the name, gonna have to visit soon to do market research!

147 = Stark Green :wink:

But nice shop, I left a lot of coins in your shop XD
need 10 from each colour, 50% i had still but now i have ~95%

I think I let ~ 60-70k coins on your shop

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Good find. The classical copy paste error :smile:
Thanks for mentioning and shopping :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like I will be busy for a bit. Some colors are much more popular than expected.
Will update restocks in first post when colors are available again.


They is 2 bright blues, think one is vivid blue as I can’t find that colour

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Thanks for reporting, yes 129 is Vivid Blue.

I will check all the labels later today. Doing this while watching TV was perhaps not the best idea :thinking:


All colors available again!
Restocked 22k cans of missing colors.
Thank you for all the shopping :slight_smile:

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