Goo on ragit?

Is there goo on ragit? Not really finding any and irritating and making me angry with time running out

there was idk if there is still, look at resources tab.

It’s there but I have been swinging around for an hour now it’s seriously obnoxious

I found them in large pocket caves that I had to mine a bit to get into. You definately need a goo kernel for your atlas though.

Edited for clarity

Need and atlas lol stuck on ragit , don’t have money to come back

What are you coordinates?

Actually it’s all good a friend is coming :+1:t2:

Cool, do they have a goo kernal?

I had to go back unfortunately. I used my last hammer. I’ll have to gather materials and attempt to make more. I use to have someone who forged good tools for me if I made tools to give back. They left the game unfortunately. So I’ll have to try and forge myself :cold_sweat:

@VanguardxKnight use this post…

has done me wonders until the forge system ended up broken from what i hear… but bookmark it for future use :slight_smile:


The UI for the forge is bugged right now and will randomly switch boons. You might want to wait until they patch it before forging.


Honestly in search for someone who likes to forge, we need someone to fill the role of a forge master :ok_hand:

Who knows, others might wanna take over such deals? :wink: