Goo pigment shop at sasquatch hub?

hope prices get lowered to between 100 and 1k. not the 5k it sells for. This place is cool though! has many goo colors!


We are in the stocking phase


Still working on it! Only missing a couple of colors now. The pigments that I have in large quantities have now lowered prices. Will also add some request baskets buying goo kernels of all colors! :slight_smile:

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Will get you guys more goo soon :smiley:

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I’ve got some pigments for sale at “Colors” in the Fireborn shopping plaza on Alder. 125c - 750c depending on color.

Just finished the shop build and will be stocking the shelves soon enough.

Prices are being updated as I get more pigments for each of them!
Some colors are between 100 and 150.

White and black pigments at 200c each.

Also have 3 request baskets full of money to buy goo kernels!