(got it, thanks!) Alright you water physics wizards


I have a build that I’m working on that I’d like to have a bunch of small waterfalls, if possible. I’ve done some waterfall work before, but this is stumping me. For some reason, when I chisel a hole in the wall, water doesn’t come through like it has on another part of my base. I’m wondering if there’s not enough space for the game to decide it flows or what.

Here’s the part where I got waterfalls in without issue:

…with the outside just being chiseled enough:

I’m hoping someone can help me with this at some point, as I really enjoy random waterfalls and waterwork lol


I’m no wizard but i’ve made a few waterfalls myself. Have you tried breaking a few blocks to get the water flowing in where you want it then placing blocks back and chiseling one by one?


Not sure if this is the effect you are looking for ?


Place blocks to “steer” water to that.


In hindsight, I should have included more information. That is indeed the effect I’m looking for, but the section I’m working on is already underwater. I dug out a large portion of land to get space, but there’s a 1-block gap on the sides between natural land and the walls I made.

I’m thinking it could be related to the anti-griefing system currently in place for liquids, as the don’t always flow properly in builds. The other idea I had is that it could just need to be higher up in order to flow. I’ll have to do some testing, but any suggestions are welcome. Thank you guys


Oh if you’ve removed soil blocks and the flow of water changed then there’s no way i know of to get that water back without regenning.

If it’s set up the way im thinking try putting a row of blocks against the soil wall underwater, one or two blocks above where you want the hole to be to make the water flow a block over towards your build. If that doesnt work I could come look at it myself. I wont be on for about 8 hours or so though


That’s a good idea! There is water everywhere I am trying to make it flow through. It’s not covered or blocked, but I will try your idea later. I won’t be on for close to ten hours


I havent seen it in person so not sure how your plots are arranged or what you are trying to do, but if your claim is just surrounding the edge of your build, it could be that the water doesnt want to flow from an unclaimed plot to a claimed one


I considered that, but my existing waterfall in the other section is just that. It almost seems that water PREFERS to flow from an unclaimed into a claimed area, as opposed to flowing within a claimed spot. It’s the stuff of madness


If the water isnt plotted i would suggest plotting at least one plot of it so someone cant grief you by plotting the water and removing it. But yea water can be very tricky to manipulate lol.


I’m fairly isolated where I am. There seem to be decent folks around me, so that’s nice. I seriously considered tearing up the addition and just doing something else because I hate water physics lol


cant ya open the entire wall where ya want it and build up the flow and then build down the flow?
i have good experience with water but cant ya show the example where it does not work instead off a working example?
dont understand it completly
dont think plotting water is needed at all chisel the bottom off the full block not top
our on water side remove more so more is removed back side but on front stay same

other way is if ya have roof water drop it from roof link from wall close roof


You need to put a block outside the hole at the level below it to push water through the space where you removed the sources for the wall.

the water is just ‘falling down’ outside the wall right now so you have to cause some lateral flow.


Awesome suggestions, guys. I’m looking forward to trying them


Thank you guys so much for your help. I did just need some lateral flow (which doesn’t make sense by real world physics, but I digress). You guys are awesome!