Got stuck in a door

Went to open the door, opened it, got stuck.

I was a little to the side of center in the two-block hallway when I opened the door.

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Couldn’t find this mentioned anywhere else, but I believe this is a well known bug. It is to me anyhow :blush:
Easiest fix is to simply look down at the bottom half of the door and close it, back up, and open again. You’re FREE!

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I may have tried that. I don’t remember, though. Maybe I’ll go back and get stuck again.

It’s become a habit of mine! Always in a rush I guess.

I once got stuck in a door, I couldn’t do anything
couldn’t move
couldn’t interact with anything
so I logged out and back in again
I found myself on top of the building directly over the door
I tried to reproduce it but couldn’t

It’s a habit for me from when I played Minecraft a couple years back, if you opened a door, you could jump and end up in the uppermost block and either jump to the top of the door, or look down and close it to drop out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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