Gradation of Нammers | LIVE 167 | upd

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Not only did I learn a lot about hammers, I also learned a new word. Gradation. Nice one. Thanks for the educational post!


@Nibuls did you do the emerald hammer yet?


no, still need it, if you want to give me some emeralds, in my house i placed three request basket with rough, compact and refined emeralds. Need 20 rough or 2 compact or 2 refined.

im not on test server at all

Oh, what a pity :pensive: but if you had emeralds on the live server when the test server started, then you will have it on the test. The test server started when Oort Temple was half-ready.

I build on US West sorry

Dear Santa[dev], i did good deeds all year and was obedient, give :gift: me some emeralds please. And who cares that is summer now…:grin:


:star2: Really amazing work!! :star2:

But a quick cautionary comment that the balance of equipment (tools and weapons) and player progress will continue to change. (Hopefully always for the better.) So it’s possible when the next update hits some of this data will be out of date. Keep a look out in the release notes for details of any balance changes.

Either way it’s actually really helpful to see how the current balance translates in game play now.


You made some mistake in experiment with Amethyst hammer. You hitted only top block in column. It possibly influence on three blocks - target, upper and lower.

No, I tested all hammers before doing demos, everythings correct. Only 2 blocks. But perhaps it is worth to clarify that the Amethyst hammer changes its direction depending on which side of the block you are hit.




It is very interesting how the Emerald Hammer behaves.


so the amethyst hammer will always hit the one that is “down”

how does the emerald behave

Yeah. Especially after this:

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a full nine

Flush, straight flush, royal flush =)

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full house trump suit

Updated, added the Emerald Hammer, not so precise properties, after i’ll pumped skills i’ll add the exact properties

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It’s from live version?

yes, latest info, but this time only an emerald hammer, for now


Just updated the information about the hammers from the live server. Look at the main post.
I especially note the Ruby, Topaz and Emerald hammers. Almost all the hammers except the Amethyst lost a chance for one hit, and the Diamond one obtain this ability.


Thanks vary cool!