Grand opening of Granduer Dodge Bombs!

Join us on 5/23 at 12pm eastern for everyone’s beloved game of dodge bombs. There will be a portal to the arena in the Grand hunt lodge to the event along with personal portals if you wish.

Use regulated bombs
No food or brew
No augments
Teams of 2

1st place team 500k
2nd place team 250k
3rd place team 150k

There will be several free for all event through out the dodge bombs event.

If you wish to sign up please let me know!

Thanks in advance


This is awesome! More events! MORE MORE MORE!

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you can sign me and oorteeesha up for it!

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I got you!

Thank you to EZPZ for your donation! Prizes are worth over 1 Million in coin and other prizes as well!

Who else wants a fun easy way to win prizes!?

Can you bring your own bombs for the free-for-all?

Also, sign Vanq and me up. :slight_smile:


I had no plans for BYOB but if we have time and enough time we might be able too and I got you signed up!

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3 teams from legit legendz would like to sign up.

Team 1. Yenots & Vapeape

Team 2. Kuzcu & Jorge_Jam

(Team 3. Gumgumman & Stoner420 may not make it)

Btw we all would like to thank you shortyd856 for setting up this event.


I got you guys! Its going to be a blast!!!

I had to edit my last post for updates on our teams, some people may not be able to make it. But will definitely have 2 teams for tomorrow

All good! We have over a 1 mil in coin and prizes to give away. If you don’t have a team, it’s ok we will see if someone else doesn’t have a team mate and hook u up! Also we will be having every man for them selves matches to win some prizes too! Join us in all the fun!