Grand Opening of Wul's World Palette

Wul’s World Palette on Gyosha Ophin is another take on laying out the the colors of the blocks found on the 50 primary worlds. Stop on by for a browse to pick up some gear. Build is still a work in progress. More to come!

How to get to the World Palette?

  1. Located at Tiggs Tunnels on Gyohsa Ophin - fast and convienent.
  2. Direct portal from the PS Hub on Gyosha Ophin -
  3. Direct portal from The All Block Shop
  4. Make your own portal - several stock sizes available or request a custom size.

Under construction - good view of the concept - each planet has 1 line of blocks

Special thanks to @XxymoxX @Tamelcoe @DaOne82 @DrCyanide and many more who helped to inspire and provided advice or other support - Luvs you all :heart: