Grand Opening of Wul's World Palette

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Wul’s World Palette on Gyosha Ophin is another take on laying out the the colors of the blocks found on the 50 primary worlds. Stop on by for a browse to pick up some gear. Build is still a work in progress. More to come!

How to get to the World Palette?

  1. Located at Tiggs Tunnels on Gyohsa Ophin - fast and convienent.
  2. Direct portal from the PS Hub on Gyosha Ophin -
  3. Direct portal from The All Block Shop
  4. Make your own portal - several stock sizes available or request a custom size.

Under construction - good view of the concept - each planet has 1 line of blocks

Special thanks to @XxymoxX @Tamelcoe @DaOne82 @DrCyanide and many more who helped to inspire and provided advice or other support - Luvs you all :heart: