Graphical glitch in stone signs? Release 205 bug

Were these white lines in the ink always there? I’m looking for an old picture of signs right now…

Yea, there was a bit of a roughness texture in the lettering before if you were close enough to the sign. I think it’s just highlighted and stands out more now with the new way the lettering works.

EDIT: After looking more closely at your image, it looks like the normal and roughness maps of the texture have an alignment issue?

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot if your character was standing very close to the signs, or the fact that the text just happened to look large with only 3 characters, but I checked this for you, and the answer was that the text has always been like that before the update to give a chiselled look to it.

I don’t doubt that you looked into it… I just don’t remember it… In this picture, you can barely read the second “s” in “pass”. I think even if it was like that, it is a small problem. I can deal with it, just pointing it out =D