Grapple Mastery not working for grapple??

i have 5/5 grapple mastery.
usually skills tend to show stats for gear… this is not the case for these…
as you can see it should increase “projectile speed by: 25m/s” .
its not affecting other grapple on Max range either…

1st one is max 10point = 30m max range, but
2nd is not… so i think it should add that missing max range?
assuming that 60m is the max you can get?.

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I was confused by the same thing the other day.

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I would think it wouldn’t show you while it’s being made in the forge. But as I haven’t forged in a long time I can’t remember if it takes account for the skill with other things that are made. But as it’s not in a useable state it kind of makes sense it’s not showing you. Well at least in my head it does lol

Well that makes no sense… since example hammer does show Dmg when you change to your miner spec example.

Have to check when their rdy

I wasn’t sure if they did. Couldn’t remember. So yea the grapples should show it. But it very well could just be a graphical error at the moment and when they are done they might show the correct thing. Nonetheless it’s a bug and should be squashed

Doesn’t even after they’re done

it works, but the add bonus is displayed elsewhere

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