Grapple should not consumes durability when detach/cancel flying!

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Grapple has been consuming 1 durability for each “click”, including when firing and cancelling/detach it.
It should not be how it works. Grapple should only consumes 1 dura for each firing, and 0 dura for detach/cancel.
At the moment, the only way to make it works like that is to “Switch” to another equipment after firing the hook so it will save you 1 dura cost for cancelling/detach the hook.

Heres the poll:

  • Consume durability for each Fire and Detach as normal.
  • Cost nothing when Detach.

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I can’t choose either of those, since I disagree.

I do agree that only 1 durability should be lost per use, but ONLY when detatching.

it would be absolutely terrible if you were running around with a grapple, thinking that you can use it again, but little do you know it only has one dura left.
Fire it when you need it and OOPS! BROKEN.

NO BUENO. it should break after its last use (on detatchment, when you intend to let go.)

(also firing a grapple and missing should not consume durability IMO, not sure if that is the case)


I did that once. over lava. Fun times


Wait that’s not how it’s supposed to work? :exploding_head:

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I also think that if you use a hammer etc to hit someone’s owned blocks in their plot (to see the block color and owner etc) it shouldn’t consume durability.


I would prefer an option to toggle to be able to see who owns any blocks I’m looking at and to see what color/block it is without having to hit them. I think the grapple is fine the way it is, it gets me all over the place and lasts a long time.


I think hammers lose durability per swing even if you swing at the sky.

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Nope, they dont.

they used to, but not anymore. I remember that update :slight_smile:

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