Grappling Hook feature for better movement in terrain

Currently, it is unfortunately the case that you can only pull up on the Grappling Hook and can swing. I would wish that you can rappel down with it. Because sometimes i stay very high up and it’s bad to get down without immediately die.

Maybe I also have the function not found and is already available.

Already in, hold shift. It might have seemed a little confusing since shift is sprint in most games, but it slows your movement, lets you keep yourself from walking off ledges, and rappels on a rope.


Many thanks, I have tried everything but not shift. :blush:

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It would be nice if you have hooked on to the top of a wall, to be able to pull yourself up so you could stand on it.


Yes please.

yes! we need to be able to pull ourselves up onto a wall if we are hooked onto the top or side!! pretty please?? :smile_cat:

That would be a really nice function. :smiley:

makes me want to have a battle on a cliff… like I saw in the commercial for G.I. joe, rise of the cobra.