Grappling Tournament Suggestion

I would love to see someone build a challenging grapple run and have races occasionally for the players to enter into to see who can complete the route the fastest - would need to be tough and involve risk of tumbling to your death. Maybe collect a small fee from the entrants to award to the winners. Maybe some enterprising person could set up a betting establishment along it where spectators could bet on their favored contestant. Matter of fact I would like to toss out this idea to Skippy as he likes to swing amongst the vines himself :smiley:


Your comment made me think of this.


lol love it!

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I’ve been working on just that for the past couple of weeks now! I ran out of plots earlier this week though, so I’ve been farming those once again. I should hopefully have the course finished sometime this week. I’ll post the location and setup a convenient portal somewhere in Therka Market.

I’ll also be selling silver grapples at the start line, and buying them back at the finish, so that everyone is on an equal footing.


I’ve opened up a portal in Therka Market at the new portal hub to my grapple course. Here’s a shot of the entrance;

The start line;

And a view from underneath;

The rules are simple;

  • Use a single grapple of your choosing.
  • Follow the red gleam anti-clockwise around the island.

You’ll finish up where you started hopefully. If - or should I say when - you fall off, you can get back up to the island through a portal to the south. There’s a picture here;

The island is mostly finished, though there’s still a fair bit of work to be done. That being said, the course is functional.

I plan on removing the beacon next weekend to start another project, so this course will be open for one week only. I’ll hold a race next weekend and award;

1st - 12 Compact Gold Blocks
2nd - 8 Compact Silver Blocks
3rd - 4 Compact Copper Blocks