Great race - looking for sponsors


Going spend this weekend putting together a bit of a community treasure hunt. Will be setting up 10 hidden spots on 10 planets (maybe more). And at a set time release coords to the first one, which will then have clues on where to find to the next one, etc. And eventually lead to a grand prize of some sort.

Hoping i can put together some nice prize packs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. And thought id see if anyone wants to help sponsor it.

Donatations for prizes are always welcome of course, but also happy to work out a bit of promo for your shop etc. if it makes it more attractive.

Thinking maybe tiered sponsor packages something along the line of…

5k worth - sponsor singage
10k - portal at a stop
20k - portal at the end
50k - stop in your shop.

Literally just made that up as i was typing it so by no means fixed costs/ideas. Just throwing it out there to see if anyone would be interested.

Keen to hear any thoughts/ideas/suggestions anyone else has.


Random after thought, what about entry fees? Would people pay 1000c (or something) for the first clue, if all proceeds went in the winners pot?


One more question… hopefully someone replies cause i have more but can only do 3 posts in a row.

How easy/hard is this type of riddle to solve? Can you tell me what general area you might find a beacon?

2 becoming one, a merging of astounding fixtures…
Walk through this peaceful union on your quest for boundless riches…
Beyond infinity, untold wealth that stacks up…
Between two colliding giants in the heart of raxxa

Probably a bit of a forum specific example, and may not make any sense if you havent read the posts. but ive only had half a coffee so far this morn so creativity is lacking, hopefully works as an example of what im thinking though.


By asking a fee, especially such a high one, you would probably be limiting the lower level players. Especially if it will be on higher level planets. If you want to have something fair, I would go with on the lower level planet, such as 1 and two levels items they would win that wouldn’t appeal to higher level players. Players who already have gem tools for example won’t want to do a treasure hunt on Alder for example, whereas players who aren’t able to play yet on level 3 planets would love a chance to participate.
Charging, new players might have the coin, but some won’t. or won’t be willing to spend it on the off chance they will find the treasure.
It all boils down to the haves get to go and get what they can afford to buy and the have’s not are left out in the cold.

I’m always thinking of those who don’t have the coins, are new players and don’t know how to do anything.
I think treasure hunts are a great idea, but there has to be something for all, not just those who can afford the entry fee.
Example on Monday offer a treasure hunt where the prize would be a gold fist and no entry fee. Tuesday it could be 100c and the prize would be a gold hammer and a silver slingbow. Wed it could be 200c and it could be of items of more value. Same for the rest of the week. On level 3 and 4 planets it could be a bit of a higher fee maybe, Monday starts at 150c and they get something better, maybe along with a nice tool, some brews, bombs or other items. Same setup.

Planets level 5 and 6 would be the most dangerous and so they would deserve the higher quality prizes and those who have the skills and ability to survive those planets could afford a 1000c fee. Or even higher.
just my opinion. You want to have good feelings from new players and ones who haven’t advance much, make it so they have a chance and not have to pay a lot to join in the fun.


All excellent points, i was thinking of keeping it T1 to T3 so you didnt need protection to participate… good point about the entry fees too. That was more a way to increase the prize pool. But you’ve convinced me, no entry requirements at all.

I’m not going to take anything from this for myself except something to do and a bit of promo for my shop so its not at all a case of me trying to take a cut. Ill be putting up a good 50k worth of prizes myself. Just got inspired by the player made quest board ideas and thought it would be fun to put together.


Ahaaaaa! Easy riddle for me at least =P.


Wasn’t even thinking of you taking a cut, LOL. Just of how so many new players struggle to find coins. When my son and I started we didn’t know about footfall. Not that we would have moved close to a town to get some. Both of us preferred at the start to be off on our own.
Now, with him playing all of the new games out I’m a big lonely so moved close to a city to have some interaction.
Back to the treasure hunt, I think it is a great idea, one that will give players something to do, something for fun and the chance to wind a prize. The players in the game, in the BL world are like people in the real world, some are greedy jerks who want all they can get even if they don’t need it, so to have it so that new players can feel a part of the BL world they need items that are seen as no value but desirable for new players. A silver hammer may not be much to someone who can buy 100 100k tools, but a silver hammer is a gift of great value when all they have are copper tools.
As for clues, visual would be of help for some. Place a beacon and a plot and put a large tree with a design in it, tell them it is in approximately, give them real close but not exact. They will have to find the tree and climb up it, part way, to read the sign with the next set of coordinates and a clue to what to look for.
Example, climb the stairs to the stars and have stairs that goes up high. They have to climb them to find the next clue. You can decide how many sets of clue you want, if you want to do a riddle that has numbers hidden such as roman numerals, a world that has letters in bold, or a different color could be the coordinates.
The fun part will be making sure that the clues will be ones that those from different countries can understand. If I had a clue that said the player needed to go where Persephone went to live in the winter how many would know what I meant? She went to the underworld, place of the dead to be with her husband Hades. Winter came as her mother was in sorrow at losing her daughter for that time she was gone. Mythology. So the clue would be to look inside a cave to find the coordinates to the next location. You would need to let players know they may have to get on the internet to look up answers. I don’t know if that helps or makes it worse for you, LOl


Haha… your good at this, definitely making me think. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

The mutli lingual riddles is another great point. I think ill have to keep them very boundless specific and avoid much in the way of real world metaphors etc. that could be easily missed by any age/location/culture

This challenge is going to be a bit of a challenge… just what i was after!

P.s. thought i should mention the “not for profit” thing. I’m comfortable im not doing it for those reasons. Much like you id really rather do it for myself and wouldnt accept any hand outs to help me progress in game… kind defeats the purpose of the game in my opinion. But thought others might be suspicious. Which is fair enough.