Grefing on Civini

Hi all,

today i visited my old “home world” civini again. but a lot of things outside my beacons have been destroyed. @ben or @james (not sure whom of them) told us they have an anti-grefing tool. So here is a chance to test it …

World Civini,

Locations around these two points:
P1 [-274, 42, -156]
P2 [-40, 169, -83]

unfortunately i don’t know when this happend … i havn’t been there for a loooong time …

thats correct @p1 they destroy the under water area by destroy many glas blocks

its still near the beacon

it took a long time to undermine the underwater area and to get the water out from the area

I found some oddball stuff in the LZ and did some repairs. It almost looked like someone was setting traps.

@brook_monroe LZ ?

Landing Zone. I never saved a home spot on Civini so I just show up where the game drops me by default. Could be the capital, could be the hinterlands.