Grief prevention?

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Are there any anti grief rules at all in this game? After complaining about some ugly road a guy named <edited by Steggs - Don’t name and shame> made to my settlement he jumped on an alt and just claimed all the plots around me (over 60 plots) and build 1x1 towers just to ■■■■ me off i would guess. How could this toxic behavior be allowed in this game?


First you should take his name out of this post, it’s against forum rules. But if he has plotted completely around you, report him in game. Devs will handle it because he’s violated CoC. You have to at least leave players room to expand.


Report him. Simply as that. It is griefing


I’ve edited the OP to remove the names.

Use the in game report function to report the beacon and an admin will investigate. Please be aware we do get a lot of reports so this is not an immediate thing.