Griefing in the Kovah capital area

The “oil” rig and pipeline to the capital city were hit today. Mostly the thief was interested in light-blue gleam and didn’t appear to understand that in infinite mode one can replace the items taken. Vastar and I have made quite an investment here and I feel sorry for whomever it is that does this sort of thing for entertainment.

Photos, coords, est time/date.

looks like you’ve already cleaned up and replaced the damage? Still, if you can report the location of the altered blocks, maybe devs can get a name on your griefer.

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Yeah, I took care of it. I’ll be keeping my eye on the place for a bit.

Don’t you have a beacon?

The build is so close to the capital, it may have to wait till more refined beacons are introduced.

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Oh ok, that’s unfortunate

Never had a beacon on anything, and I consider it a bit of a damned nuisance in the first place. You’d think people who paid money to get access would be a little bit more civilized than the average yobbo freeper.


Hi I am new and I found the capital of Kovah and like it a lot would it be alright if I help finish the walls and build?

Why am I always alone? Is the game…lost to the nothingness?

No, it’s just early acces. Theres not much to do atm so many people are just waiting for more content.

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Kovah project is on hold, more or less. Only a handful of players have build access for now.

why ?Well I would like to help I really like the place. can I know the plans and design? and also what you all dont want built and where? do you have a page talking about all this? :smile:

The project was previously a community wide build, but griefers forced us to put an alpha-beacon on the entire region. The alpha-beacons don’t allow the fine control that beta-beacons do, but beta-beacons don’t cover the massive area needed for this region. Eventually, guild beacons will likely fulfill the needs to continue this project. Till then, only the handful of players that initially began this project have access. It’s regrettable, but it’s the only way to protect the progress we already have. Hope you understand.

Hmm no not really :slight_smile: I dont understand why I can still build within your city though I go cut down trees and get stone out far come back and build onto the walls and houses :frowning: didnt know if I was supposed to or not but nothing is preventing me or any one else from taking blocks or breaking things.

Hmm, that should not be possible. Perhaps you are in a different city on Kovah? The city I was referring to is the capital. Use the “teleport to capital” option to spawn there. If you’re able to build there, then something is broken and needs to be brought to the developers attention.

Typically I would verify this myself, but my computer is bricked atm.

first let me say(because i know what im about to say will sound incriminating) that I do not even know where Kovah is. but, I am very interested in what you said about infinite mode. I’m new to this, and I’d love to try that out. Is it something that’s only available to certain players or is it something I can try?

nope I am at the right place the big circle city with the huge tree. sorry I didnt know I couldnt build I just figured out pressing , the coma makes things infinite . before that I had cut down trees far away and built on half of the wall ;/. I will try to match the pattern and style but this is fun for me building a huge wall like this. I dont get why this city cant have people building in it its huge

Trozay can verify it I saw Trozay and we built some houses in a empty plot of land inside the walls

I see that the beacon is down (using my gf’s pc to log in) and I see where you are building. I have two favors to ask, please.

  1. discontinue work on the wall; the wood you are placing is in the way of the planned stonework.
  2. don’t start any other builds besides the one you already have. I want to encourage the community to build here, but a great deal of the infrastructure still needs to be placed (roads, foot paths, beacon layout, etc.)

If this project is indeed no longer under the protection of the beacon, then I would like to ask that you please be respectful of the rest of the community by not griefing, and help us plot the rest of this city in this post…