Growth - Other Uses Please

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What is your suggested ratio of growth to essence?
IMO it’d have to be quite low yield as all the other essence crafts are based on drops/seams. I realize growth is not the easiest thing to farm but it feels like it should be at least less fruitful than tallow.

There’s already so many ways to make fresh vital essence. Why do we need more?

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just an option to use excess growth from farming oorbs rather than it being just a mint item. For the people who dont hunt and only surface gather/mine there are very few options for fresh vital.

EDIT: there are 0 ways to make it without hunting or buying hunting drops… I do not hunt very often maybe once or twice a month? This forces me into an activity I do not enjoy as much as others or forces me to buy the drops (which im not opposed too) but I feel like there should be other options from “living” things to make fresh vital.


agreed very low yield maybe 500/50? I’ll spend longer and do the math on all the others and figure out a real yield.

Another suggestion would be to use growth in a fertilizer recipe–This may have been suggested before. I would welcome a way to keep prestige crops from withering or revitalize them with a new fertilizer that has them granting prestige again with re-application.


I just want a way to get fresh vital without having to go on hunts :frowning:

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You know. I looked and genuinely never realized that every ingredient that makes the fresh vital essence has to come from hunting.

I don’t make it often and just knew there was over 20 ways to make it. I feel like there should be at least one way to make it without hunting so I could support sponge being used for it actually.

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It would have to be something that can not be regened with a Regen bomb. Who wants to be the one to convert bitter beans into essence :crazy_face:

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With a high enough conversion ratio I don’t think it would be that much of a problem. 1ss into a mass craft to yield 100 vital seems fair 900growth = 100vital? I know it could be farmed but I feel like it’s comparable to hunting. Especially when you consider your tools breaking faster than slingbows for that.

I can get an inventory full of growth in probably 30 mins. I don’t think it would be a good ratio. Fresh essence can not be crafted currently by regenable items and should stay that way. Can probably get several inventorys full with 1 shovel. Perhaps that can make it that rice and kranuts can be turned into essence. Anything regenable I feel would be a bad idea and overflow the market with essence.

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Do you think there is a fair ratio? 900/25 maybe?

Inventory full for 100 honestly but even then the big thing for me is regenable blocks are an unlimited resource. So I feel it would be to much either way.

100% agreeing with Ratchel here.
Essense isn’t farmable and it probably needs to stay this way.
You can only get ancient essence from mining or buying, you can only get fresh essence from hunting. These seem fair enough to me.

There are so many things in this game you can only get from one source, not everything needs to have multiple sources.

If you don’t like doing something, I’m sorry but that’s what the economy is for.

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how about essence from yams?

Yams fall from regenable blocks so I wouldn’t agree with it either. For me it would have to be something that can not be regened or fall from a regenable block. Even though I have enough yams to feed everyone in the game for months.

Why should it? Its not like essence is a market breaking item lol.

(I know that for its price it could be easier to just buy it but I’m still curious about why you don’t want esscence from regen blocks)