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Im pretty sure sedi is more common at higher elevations, so it doesn’t really come up much at Rift elevation.

Yeah that’s true, most of what I got was from farming the sapphire.

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Damn, wish I had thought of that.

Sooo much sapphire mwhahah haha, I don’t think anyone touched it.


You and me both. All I farmed was the sapphire =) with the mint. Made it super easy to get mint rock


I farmed about 20 gleam chest worth of sedi, many SS of sapphire … and topaz. If you hit the right height for all three you got pure sedi, mixed with sapphire and topaz. Worked out well.


Oh sure, you tell me that now :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone happen to be selling the stuff at a reasonable price?


Sometimes i just Wonder why i would even bother go farm stuff.

20 gleam chest… Hell Ill be happy to even have 1 haha


I was on the exo for a crazy number of hours… more than I probably should have been.

i was there every day alot of stuff that you cant get any where else :slight_smile:

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