GTG Hunt 6 PM cet 17.10.2021


Time: 6:00PM cet in180 min time
Location: (Sovereign World) 40 players
Protection Required: 4 points Volatile (BLAST)
Best Weapons: Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire & Umbris
Hunt Type: Classic Running
Hunt Leader: MRM
Meeting At: GTG Underworld
Accessible By: TNT Megahub (behind T6 Network Portal), Pharao’s Network & River Towns (Arie)

Other Notes:
speak_no_evil Everyone Welcome! Track me so you know where we are heading.
speak_no_evil Need Oort or Trophies? Please consider joining the hunts, bigger the meteors, bigger the rewards for everyone. Healers in attendance!
speak_no_evil Bring a campfire & chest to empty your inventory mid hunt - otherwise you WILL leave stuff behind. WILL AUTO RECLAIM AFTER 2HRS!
speak_no_evil It’s asked that no massive damage bombs are used around the meteor except when for removing trees.
speak_no_evil Come join the discord for further instructions, to socialise with other hunters. For a chance to WIN prizes - join us in voice during the hunt!!



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:hushed: That’s cool, You as hunt leader! Hopefully I can participate another time and it’s not just that one time :speak_no_evil: would be for sure fun hunting with You as leader, even I’m not such a big hunting fan ^^


Hunt today 2021-10-17T16:00:00Z

Anymore hunts today?