GTG Portals Closed?-No time to maintain at this time

I noticed all of GTG planet portals was closed including their hunt portals. . . . Are they done and gone? I hate to see them go but I closed my portal to save shards.


Here we go again.
Portals are closed apparrantly No one knows whats going on… Even the guild members.


Just wait and see what happens. What else can we do.

Maybe @Buugi can setup a completely new Hub. (BPH --> Buugi’s Portal Hub)

Just kidding Buugi.


GTG IS Not gone !!!
Because of Personal issues IS No Time for them to maintaine the Hub at this time.

PlanetThatsGood where the Main Portal Hub IS , IS at the moment on hold meaning Portals to all permanent planets.

But i keep Portals Up to the GTG Underworld and the GTG Main Hub so everyone can Access the Market and all private Portal further ,available from Pharao’s Kingdom .

Hope that helps everyone.

Greetings Turrican2006


it might help if the guild put out a message to say just that: ‘Hey, we are having real life shenanigans and can’t maintain the portals hub for (xyz amount of time)’ I put up a sign by my GTG portal saying ‘Temporarily closed’ because I absolutely hope that’s the case and am sending the guild members many cyber hugs for whatever real life stuff is happening.


Seeing as this has been posted multiple times at this point and its been stated more than once as

There really is no point in making a new post every week about it. People take time off the game all the time without notice. Just my 2 cents :v:

Thank you all for clearing this up for me. I’m sorry to have duplicated another’s post. It wasn’t intentional.

I hope what ever is going on for GTG on a personal level gets resolved. Sending positive vibes.


People ask for the posts to get locked, and not everyone plays every day.

Someone returns to the game and they wonder why a major network is shut down, It’s pretty normal.


locked posts are still readable :thinking: just a tad more scrolling before making a post to be considerate and not bog the forums down with repetitiveness is all i was pointing out. We are only Oortians after all so yes it does and still very may well happen.

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can a mod maybe change the title of this thread to add the answer to the question?


Question has been answered.