Guardian Mega Thread: Planets Listed

Proud to announce “Guardian” or “Guardian Network” All planets to be reachable from 4 central hubs.

US East
US West
EU Central

All T3 and under planets 2x2 portals OR LESS!!!

These planet portals will be supplied by you our great members of the greatest community in gaming history. Each hub offers public minters, farming portals, shop portals, and personals. US West hub even has a full size Dodge Bomb arena! Hubs are not 100% complete but will continuously be worked on.

Planet portals are clearly limited tokens are out waiting for you. Many planets have already been opened DO NOT wait. Please make sure the portals open to the correct planet and have clear exit to the planets surface or they will be shut and retokened.

The other portals are pretty self explanatory. 2nd level with the large amount of portals surrounding the hubs are “shop” portals. Personals are labeled P1 ect. Farms F1 ect. Mail boxes will be set up for public minter request.

We are from Iconic which means we love logos! To celebrate, we will be holding a Guardian Network Logo contest. Winner will receive 300k and their Guardian Network logo displayed in the hubs.

Come on over! Who knows you might even find some random tool drops for using the hubs!
Any Hive shop owners please do contact us if you decided to transfer. We will cover you.

Special thanks: Skeletor my co-creator and builder in the hubs. Couldnt have finished it without you friend @glxxmz.

Plentymore and @Nitloc Thank you so much for coming over and helping with construction you truely are Icons.

@Undead Thank you for donating such valuable minter coils to the hubs. The community will be sure to use them!

@Alienfish Once again and again thanks for the Moort! lol You really do keep us going!

@RedY3 Nitloc,Plentymore Thank you for the recent coin donations we will make sure they are used wisely.

Thank you Iconic. I am proud to be a part of your guild.


im moving to that hub. Make a space for my tower!

oh btw, here’s my logo for the hub
oh. and i made another similar but letters flipped around

welcome orrian placing grass is so “fun”


I heard you whistling.

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The Trung portal has been opened:

Do hope that shop stand will be removed in front of the portal :wink:


Oh wow. Welcome to the guardian and thanks! :cheese:

@AeneaGames Ready to meet up.

Well done @Orrian when I have time I will come check out the hard work that was put into the network :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir. Hope to see you soon.

For sure… it looks awesome in the video but I’m sure it will look better in person…


Thank you friends for helping us get this going!


Is this already connected to some major networks? How would one access this?


I’m gonna get that maryx one if @Cuetzpalomitl doesn’t

(And if it isn’t taken, lol. I can’t get on to look yet)


Looks great guys, love the nice clean open design.

A lot of work went into that… hope it all goes well!


You can get here by going through the guardian portal where the resource network was in the middle of the hunt hive.

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Looks like cuetz beat ya to it lol


Lol, ah well. Good : )
Still walking distance


I got the seginikai portal! YAY!


I ran for it as soon as I saw the post lol