"Guardian" Network MEGA THREAD: Maryx with Compass Hub

Welcome to the community funded Guardian Network. Where anyone can be a part of something bigger.

What does Guardian offer?

  • The chance for anyone to become a planet portal all planets are 1st come 1st served. Guardian does not choose it is up to you!

  • Shop Portals!

  • Farm Portals!

  • Personal Portals!

  • Public Minters!

  • Hunting!

  • Dodge Bomb Arena Portals!

Lets take a look at the planets.

US East (Biitula)
Alder - Repears Tower of Power
Beckon - Farmers Rest
Cephonex Merika - Plenty Portals / Compass Hub
Gyosha Ophin - Gyosha Mall
Kada I - Pathfinder Mall
Maryx - Omeyocan / Compass Hub
Pheminorum - Compass Hub
Raxxa - Tank by Orrian / Compass Hub
Sorissi - Availabe “VIA Token”
Tana VII - Riverside
Trior - Oakwood

US West (Grovidias Te)
Angel I - Lil’ Porkchop
Imdaari - Sky Fall
Minorengle - Yamaska
Seginiakai - Anvil
Storis II - Lacuna
Till - Sol Kahlis

Europe Central (Lamblis)
Antar VI - Hall of Industry
Arie - Alutech
Circarpous I - Iconic Resource Hub
Dzassak - MEGA Mall
Eresho - DK’s Ultima Tree
Finata - Brown Town
Gellis - Spark Factory
Gloviathosa - GTG
Imoco - Pathos
Niia Zed Ka - Aqua Sunken City
Refgar - Glitch World
Sochaltin I - Compass Hub
Trung - Nova Golda
Xa Frant - Utopia

Australia (Boori)
Lasaina - Sydney
Lutrion - Open but available “PM Skeletor”

Iconic Resource Network(US East Hub)
All T4-T6 Planets can be found here. Along with dozens of amazing farms and mines!

Shop List
Coming Soon!

Farm List
US East
Pulsating orb
Sweet Beans

US West
Black gravel

EU Central
Shimmering orb

Peaty soil
Ancient silk lavender wood
Glass farm

US East (Biitula)
Located in the heart of Iconicsberg. US East Guardian offers tons of shop portals.
The hub is also surrounded by countless shops!!

US West (Grovidias Te)
Built in a massive ash land begging for new settlers.
The hub is built right on top of a regulation Dodge Bomb arena!

Europe Central(Lamblis)
Beautiful modern design. Great place to hang out and relax!
Home to one art contest already.

This hub might not have many planets but sure is filling up with farms.
Go check them out!

Hope to see everyone out there! If you have any questions, concerns
or request please contact us.


Sunday the 28th at 1pm EST. Grov Te will echo with the sounds of bombs and cheers! Please join us for the planets 1st Dodge Bomb event.

So far 1.3 mil coins have been raised. Prizes will be decided closer to the event.

We will have FFA and 2 member team matches. Sign up now.

Forge bombs will be supplied for the event. This is Iconic we do allow food and brews. Aaany food or brew. Except floating pies sorry DJ.

BYOB any bomb no augments.


@Spoodle / @Bethlehem
glxxmz / Orrian
@DJDancecraft / @keeekeee
@shortyd856 / @ginabean
@Apt / @DKPuncherello
@XxKabronerxX / @karakavra


Sign @Bethlehem and me up!

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Aren’t they all taken by now?

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If the spots for contestants are all taken, we will definitely come and watch and cheer :grin::grin:

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Sorissi and Lutrion are available.

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Except floating pies? I’ll bring some gleambow jellys then!

could ya explain how this is played?
nvm its spleef with bombs isnt it lol

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Welcome to Dodge Bombs


If theres anyone that wants to team up with me let me know. sign me up if theres a place for me but at the moment im just solo


We will have FFA so you can always do that but hope you find a team. @kristjan is technically the 1st dodge bomb champion. I was there! :wink:


@glxxmz and I were joking about a ribbon cutting. Kind of like the idea. How about 30mins before the event we do some item give aways and have some fun!

If you didnt hear the Depot is back open. Yes expect bows!


@ginabean are we there? @Orrian as long as my partner is down, I am


Yep!!! I’m with you @shortyd856


I’ll be there. if not with @Ovis, then as solo backup player and for the FFA


new caprica wants to participate in the event, how can we sign up?


Post you two members here and show up for the event.

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and when is the event?

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Ok 28/6/2020

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