Guess I can't play Boundless on a Friday. Lesson learned

Seriously. Whatever the malfunction is needs resolved. Usually unplayable planets only last an hour tops. But today I guess being a Friday is an exception. Is it too much to ask to just be able to play the freakin game???

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Yall need to update the net protocols so that the game is still playable from a 1000ms ping connection in Antarctica.

Having the same issues. Was booted, just to log in with a nice death present. Thankfully I wasn’t you know… buffed with a pie or anything. :zipper_mouth_face::gun:

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I keep saying I’m just gonna leave a char on Maryx but then I keep thinking maybe just maybe they’ll get it together. If CoD can support millions of players there is zero reason a Boundless planet should be unplayable with 30

This is stupid and it’s gonna make people quit coming back.

I can’t even quit the game lol. Should’ve just stayed on Serpensarindi. I’m going to try with a vpn and see if that helps (don’t really expect it to though)

So virtually everybody can’t play right now.

Connecting to a vpn in Belgium seems to have actually helped. I was able to get off Circapous at least.

I just logged back in to check. I can move between Trior and Pheminorum with no problems at all. Is this an issue with your physical location to the servers you are connecting to?

I was seeing a couple of quick block lags a short while back, but other than that, no issues at all.

8pm-Midnight couldn’t escape from Lamblis where all 10 of my characters are. Tried for 30 minutes to teleport out. Bout done with this game, hate to say. Like Boundless but that’s a dealbreaker.

I don’t think it’s an issue with the server, most likely the routing (via your isp) to the servers. Are you playing on a server regionally close to you?

Also games like CoD are completely different to voxel based games. CoD is static worlds, which generally only needs to deal with player position in a fixed environment. Boundless needs to update millions of blocks in a completely changeable environment as well as player positions, creatures, meteors etc.

Comparing the two is like eating an apple and saying it doesn’t taste like banana.


I had the spins so bad I had to quit for the evening and play Snow Punk instead. I’m used to a bad connection, but it was particularly wretched last night.

If on PC when bad lag occurs, it’s worth opening up the debug menu (F1) and taking a screenshot showing the latency graph and posting it up in here. Might help to to see what is happening at the time.

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That’s a load of bull and the standard excuse every developer will give you,“its on your end, never ours”. I’ve seen this excuse used many countless mmo’s or internet games period. So im sorry if I don’t buy it. I’ve played games on servers across the planet, each with their own issues but this game is the worst. Since this latest update it’s gotten worse. On top of that over half of my friends that’s on ps4 can’t even connect or play the game. There’s obviously something wrong on their end.

To add, my ISP runs over 500mbs download and over 30mbs upload. So I promise it’s not my local routers or ISPs.

It’s not your download / upload rate or your router specifically, and I never said that was the case. It is the route around the internet that your isp takes to get to specific locations.

Think of it more like travelling on a road system. Route A takes you on a 3 lane wide road, traffic is flowing freely, there’s no congestion, roadworks or accidents.
Now take route B, it’s all single lane roads through villages, sometimes you need to give way to oncoming traffic, or there’s congestion etc.

This is the same for network traffic. If your ISP, for any reason, needs to take route B, then your connection to your destination will take longer.

The last cod, ww2, ive never had such a bad connection to a game, nevermind such a ridiculously massive chain. And they have infinitely more resources than this game

Yea, I’ll admit the last CoD was atrocious.

FPS games need way way less bandwidth for smooth gameplay. And it does not matter what is the bandwidth between and your IPS, but between you and game servers. If that route has some narrow gate on the way you’re screwed.

Also I might misunderstood what you wrote :joy:

I setup networks for a side job. Im well aware of routing paths and decently knowledgeable when it comes to networking. Which is why I don’t feed into that common automated responses about network issues from game developers.

What is your chunk download rate set at?