Guide Blocks For Building

What if we had highlighted blocks to help you build things like circles and other shapes? All you’d have to do is stand where you want the center of the shape to be and it will highlight the blocks around that center.

something like that?

that is kinda weird but never the less a cool idea.

they said they want to make blueprint blocks which people can place and then others can build within those. maybe they could connect that to an automatic shape system too

Yes! I also imagined blocks being highlighted as well.

Yeah I feel like that could be implemented perfectly. This would make building easier, allowing for more unique builds throughout the worlds. This would stop us from seeing lots of squares and half built buildings from people screwing up a shape and giving up.

The ability to make custom blueprints out of original builds would be amazing to kickstart an in game economy, especially if they were unable to be resold or recopied after they were built. Forget ores - you could be a real estate broker.

@Zouls where is this discussion around the blueprint blocks - looking for it and this is as close as I got :frowning:

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