[Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.1 - 3 New Recipes Added!

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Ah, I thought it was a bigger difference than that!

Ahh, that makes perfect sense! thanks!

I think regen bombs always result in 24m final range regardless of the material, have tested it with copper, iron and silver. And additional range boon levels do nothing on regen bombs.

Does the Deco Resin work if you have stacks of something in the forge? So you wouldn’t lose your tools and weapons? Sorry kinda nooby, but we have no way to test on PS4 :wink:

thats exactly how it works, so if you have 9 items in the forge and you want to undo it, it will eat 9 resins out of your stack.

Oh ok thanks :+1: That was a fast reply lol Appreciate everyones help and advice on here, thanks guys :wink:


Was going over your article and noticed that you don’t have anything for Fists, is there no guide on what to use for the Explorers and the Gold Fist?

I would like to forge the Gold fist to be a auto harvest, hit harder and if possible further away. And naturally last a bit longer. Most important is auto harvest and hitting harder.

This looks to be very helpful, really appreciate all the work you did in creating this.

Referring to this boon guide here, Keep in mind tools can only have 3 boons on them.

If you were to forge a fist with devastating damage, longer range and longer durability, the process would be identical to forging slingbows (in this case, refer to my slingbow guide above). Infact, it would be even easier because theres no chance of heavy projectile boon on fists, meaning RNG is even better.

Following the sling-bow forging guide, Assuming you always get a boon from the gums you’ve used, you have a 1/2 change of forging devastating damage first chance, then when using longevity, are basically guaranteed to forge long range AND high durability, as these are the only 2 longevity boons usable on fists, essentially meaning a 1/2 change of getting the perfect Fist first try

In comparison, forging a Fist with auto harvest and devastating damage, you have a 1/3 change of getting auto harvest first try, and 1/2 change of getting devastating damage. Following this, using a longevity boon means your gaunteed either longer range or durability. However, this method results in only a 1/6 change of getting the perfect Fist first try.

As such, I would recommend the first method, which gets damage, range and durability, simply for the better RNG resulting in a better forging experience.

I was forging 9 items and ran out of boon compound when following the updated method. 11 was not enough. How can this be fixed?

I only forge 5 or so at a time, dont think my method works when doing 9 at a time

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Is it a typo missing step 14 and 15 from hammers guide?
And great guide btw.

Awesome, thank you!!!

Mb, no steps missing, i just miscounted.

When I edit these I often add or remove steps as needed, which is why the numbering can go out of order if I dont update them. Good catch!

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The hammer method works really well for dmg 8, 3x3, dura.

I’m forging topaz and ruby shovel and axes to dmg 9, 3x3, dura. A topaz shovel with dmg 9 can one shot mud/ash/gravel on Besevrona with the shovel talents, as can a ruby shovel without the shovel talents.

I always put the ruby first in the stack and get 197%. But it does make a big difference if you go to dmg 8 or 9, I often have to deconstruct at the end because of a bad defect or a quirk (I use draining boon 1 to fill up dura). Does someone forge for dmg 9 and can give me a hint on how to reach that more consistently?

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Great method and good guy for sharing, many MANY people hold onto their recipes in a death grip.


Sent you a message on here to try to help you out on the process.

You sharing Dome SECRETS!!!

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No. Just trying to help on “one” part of it if doing step by step :joy::joy::joy:

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Will the toom of Knowledge be updated with the new forging boons that come with farming?
And this is my goto Knowledge base, thank you.

I am working on a 2.0 version of this forge guide along with more efficient methods + more guides for new boons, and better written tutorials.

The only issue is that il have to post it in another thread once its done because I cant edit this thread.

Not sure how long it will take me, but il try to get it done asap.