[Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.1 - 3 New Recipes Added!

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@Vansten Try editing it again now. I just refreshed the edit date


I can edit the title but that’s it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

NVM I can edit again. Horayy!


Just updated the entire guide!

I’ve added pictures of the minimum deck needed for each item, streamlined a few forging methods, and made the guide generally easier to read and use.

In addition I also added a few new forging methods for some of the newer items - mainly buff bombs and auto-door spanners.

Hopefully the improvements can help anyone interested in forging even moreso.


Much appreciated Vansten, this guide is clutch for getting into forging.


Thank you, much appriciated!

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Would love a method for higher tier materials. (Blink, rift)

Seem to struggle following gem guides while trying to forge these higher mats

I will have to experiment, but I dont actually fully know myself how to forge em yet. I think theres a way to get infinite vigour and stability, but im not sure on the exact order.

Two things I do plan to add to the guide pretty soon include advanced healing bombs (with aoe, damage and healing), and shotgun slingbows. As for Lucent gems, il get back to ya! ahah

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And the new Tools will come aswell i think you said? Or did i missed them in the OP?


Thanks to @Crete

I’ve added Buff Bombs and Chisel Changers to the thread. The only other tools would be the armour buff, but the process for forging those is identical to forging buff bombs, just with fists/slingbows instead of bombs

Il check it out. Cheers!

I’ve used it for gleam bow totem. Mind you it’s not cheap

I saw this and have been using it to a certain degree, it’s just very costly. Especially with the effectiveness being so low

Yea I wouldn’t call myself a master forger but this is the only way I know how to do it and get max on a rift tool

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I meant the thingys from farming… :slight_smile: like where/how/when to get the solidifier on and stufff. But i will try to figure that out by myself when it hits live.

Thank you for all of this.

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Just a lil confused on the slingbow process? On the first 3 rounds you have if it isn’t fly fast Decon? Is that supposed to be if it isn’t dev damage? Am I reading that wrong or just confused? Lol I was thinking Fly Fast was a Lightness gum boon.

Good spotting! It is supposed to be devastating damage, and you are correct.

I’ve fixed it - cheers

In place of draining boon I’ve been having good luck using defect removal 1 at the very end since it only uses 100 vigor. Last 2 hammers I got 10 dam, aoe 4 and dur 8. Can’t thank you enough though for putting this guide together!

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Il have to mess around with your idea, glad the guide helped!

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Why did you replace the diamond hammer with the ruby version? I don’t see the advantage of a slightly faster hammer, if we have to use a strength brew. Why not just use a speed brew? Or what am I missing?

Also, for building I also use an AE hammer but I don’t want to keep a strength brew on all the time.

Is the new method much cheaper? Or do you prefer ruby hammers for mining?