[Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.1 - 3 New Recipes Added!

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You also get more dura with the ruby

Diamond hammers are better for tier 6, but the reason I prefer ruby is the following.

In order to one shot tier 7 with a non-lucent gem hammer you have two options

  • Use damage brews
  • Try to forge the Daylight/Nightime damage quirks.

Given the horrendous RNG involved with the latter I prefer to use damage brews.

Given this, I prefer ruby because, compared to diamond

  • It still one shots tier 7 (you just need a higher level damage brew)
  • Its slightly faster
  • It has slightly more durability
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For someone who has never forged something this high before… this is my best result… all I want to say is thank you for this guide you put together :slight_smile:


I was encouraged to try this method and promised to post here if i succeed lol.
Here is what i got:
1 2

Need to mention that a vigour catalyst 2 is needed before round 31 (or round 20+ because you only need to reach lv8 damage for diamond hammer), otherwise you’ll run out of vigour (thx DaOne for reminds). And also to 100% avoid any defect, protection paste and fate paste are favoured before round 38


And also big thx to Vansten for this great guide!!


you just needed that push to do it and you did @KArios :slight_smile:

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@Vansten will there be a guide to make the solidifiers and liquid breakers for us noobs? :blush:

Thank you in advance

Just need the venerable gum, pure boon 3, decon, setting resin, and boon transmite just in case you don’t get the boon and want to avoid decon. Tho if you want to do aoe and things like that you’ll need to add more things and probably not use pure boon 3. Tho I’m sure Vansten will do a full actual guide.

Thank you @FireAngelDth would like to get the aoe on the solidifier… tried what you said about but no luck… guess i will try again and wait to see if Vansten will do one for us “noob” forgers… :slight_smile:

I can write one up, but ive taken a break form the game for the time being, so the motivation to do so is somewhat lacking.

Basically the process is identical to creating auto door spanners, except you use totems or hammers instead.

If you want AoE too, just look at the hammer method for forging aoe tools and replace effect with venerable gum

For the solidifier totem I use following deck:

Gums: Venerable + Special
Compounds: Corrupted 1; Pure 3
Pastes: Protection 2, Fate 2, Boon Boost 2
Catalyst: Vigor 2
Resins: Decon 3, Setting

Phase 1 - reserve AOE
2x Special
1x Boon Boost
1-4x Corruption 1 until you get AOE boon.
if you get meanwhile one other boon its OK, if you get two different, you need to start over. If you get magnet it is better to deconstruct as special points would later split to the magnet which is totally useless in this case.

Phase 2 - Get solidifier
1x Vigor Catalyst
3x Venerable
2x Protection 2
1x Fate 2
1x Boon Boost 2
4x Corruption until you get the Solidifier boon to full.
If not full repeat Phase 2

Phase 3 - ramp up AOE
1x Vigor catalyst
2x Special (If you by chance get a good boon like Durability, you may use no paste to let the RNG go also to Durability) Depends on how many points left you have.
2x Protection
1x Fate
1x Boon Boost 2
1-4x Corruption 1 / Pure 3 (depending on how full your Defect bar is - I am switching to Pure between 50-70%) until you get AOE Level 4 boon.
Repeat Step 3 if needed.

In case the forging develops well, you are good on Stability and not pushing any 3rd boon, you may skip one or both protection pastes.

If you get a defect, there is a chance its OK. e.g. reduced power, reduced crit rate, do not bother you at all on this tool.

EDIT: This tool is also not bad with AOE lvl 3 “Cross” as for crossing lava pools you will get 3 blocks long path per hit, just narrower.


Thank you for your guide… I will give it a try and see how lucky I get :slight_smile:

also would this be the same method to the liquid breaker as well? @Combustive

Sorry for late reply, I was out for holidays, Liquid breaker is much easier as you can use common tools with high Effectiveness (Gem or Titanium). You can forge it like mentioned in the guide, just use Venerable and Special gums. Longevity or lightness is optional
You can make liquid breaker of any tool, however, I use hammers, as people have hammer skills maxed and I use fast version as you do not need any power.

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no need to be sorry… and thank you for your reply I will play around with it and see what I can get :slight_smile:

Scrufola gave me Knowledge :=)

Solidifier is only on totems. If you got breaker you probably forged a hammer, which can’t get solidifier.

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That is good to now.
But how to know in the first place?

Just look what people sell. If something cool or cheap isn’t sold, it probably can’t be made. :slight_smile:

I’ve asked in a discord some time ago.

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Yea i got that.
But how is a brand new Player supposed to know w/o external wisdom?

Its a lot of search for resources, I am using the table below, and read thoroughly the release notes on the forum to understand how things work

Testing 224: Farming

Two new Forge-effects: “Break Liquids” for Hammer, Axe and Shovel; and “Solidify Liquids” for the Totem have been added.

The Break Liquids Boon will allow breaking Liquid Source Blocks, creating a Liquid block-drop that can be picked up allowing you to hold Liquids directly in your inventory and place them directly into the World somewhere else.
The Solidify Liquids will allow transformation of Lava into Igneous Rock, and Water into Ice by hitting the Liquids; this effect can be used “in the Wild” to solidify the surface of lakes and both will work in tandem with Affect Adjacent Boons. The Solidify Liquids Boon will not be allowed on Liquids that contain Crops or mesh blocks within the same space, but will be allowed on any liquid contained within just chiselled blocks, so beware that you may lose a possibly valuable block if not careful (A block Drop will still be produced). This Boon can be used to quickly create walkways across Lava fields.

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