[Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.1 - 3 New Recipes Added!

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Thank you.

That also doesn’t help a person who new and doesn’t use the forums or discord etc. I’m sure there’s at least a few out there.

given all games nowadays, and many back then, have there own Forums where they post patch notes, it is a given for a game like Boundless, which has a few complex mechanisms, to go to a Forum and read, if Nothing else the patch notes.
Which i my case i did but forgot About the Little Paragraph.
An ingame pedia would be the best, but when was the last time we had it all? :slight_smile:
But we shouldnt spam this important guide with the blindlessof me :slight_smile:

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the more people that comment the more people that see this guide

But ye, I tend to agree, a proper guide in game would be good.

Or a properly updated wiki, but thats a whole nother’ issue

Well I finally think I’ve cracked it with aoe hammers :slight_smile: love this guide thank you! Managed to produce 3 that I’m very happy with


Hey DaOne hope this is not too late, for the liquid breaker here is my process:
R1: special
R2: special
R3: corrupt 1 (and decons 3 if not AOE)
R4: vigor catalyst 2
R5: venerable
R6: venerable
R7: longevity
R8: longevity
R9: corrupt 1
R10: corrupt 1 (want liquid breaker & dura. if go south, use decons 3)
R11: vigor catalyst 2
R12: special
R13: protection paste 2
R14: fate paste 2
R15: corrupt 1 (until you get lv4 AOE)
R16: vigor catalyst 2
R17: venerable
R18: venerable
R19: longevity
R20: longevity
R21: protection paste 2
R22: protection paste 2
R23: protection paste 2
R24: fate paste 2
R25: fate paste 2
R26+: pure 3


It is never too late for helpful guides my friend :slight_smile:

excuse my bad english…
but i love your guide, thats works verry well!!!
cant wait until your “new list” comes online…
great work from everybody else, who spend his experience to expand this guide.
the nicest game community ive ever seen…
keep going :slight_smile:

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Im currently on hiatus, but what exactly are you looking to forge that isnt on the list? Most new stuff is very similar to whats up there, but with different gums.

everything about gums and co ist clearly explained. now inhave a lot of forged diamond tolls, thx bro :slight_smile:
next step is forging umbris, rift and blink…
ive been watching for that method list, that makes it possible.
ive spend about 100k coins to forge my own items (feathers and other stuff)
now im ready for the next step.
by the way, i just use the deconstruktion 3, i spend more time, but wanna keep the boonchanger for umbris and rift…
maybe i read over something, or didnt understand…

The reason I didn’t include lucent gem forging is because I myself have little idea on how to do it - I pay someone else to do it personally. I think theres a few videos in this thread that shows it, and while i have a basic grasp of how its done its not enough to actually write a guide about

Added 3 new forging recipes for the newer boons.

  • Latticework & Unchisel Chisels – made via the same recipie
  • AoE Solidifiers
  • AoE Liquid Breakers



Latticework has a typo :slight_smile:

Out of interest, does it matter if you get a second boon? If you don’t use trait reduction gums it’s a 80% chance of hitting the venerable boon every roll. The only problem I see is if you get type changer as the first boon, as that excludes lattice and undo.

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Cheers for the catch. Fixed!

In the instance where you already have Latticeworker boon, the trait reduction gum essentially further reduces the chance of getting a different boon, I believe it it makes a significant difference in RNG, garaunteeing even more that you will only level up latticework instead of getting a second, non-venerable boon.

However, in retrospect, you could probably survive without it. I mostly just copied my template for forging 1-boon items from the other items since there all basically made the same, the only difference being the gum used.

This will be so helpful when forging!

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made my own armor bomb crafting recipe.
round 1: Venerable gum
round 2: Venerable gum
round 3: trait reduction gum
round 4: trait reduction gum
rounds 5-8: Draining boon compound 1
round 9: quirk transmute Solvent
round 10: stablilization paste
round 11: Protection paste 2
round 12: Imperfect boon compound 3
rounds 13-21: Pure boon compound 3
round 22: setting resin.
I got with forge simulator:
A bomb with Lvl 7 Forge Boon Action Speed.Lvl 8 Area Of Effect Level 1 boon armor but the bouncy feet and fire randomly quirks INACTIVATED and a Knockback defect lvl 3
edit note: skip the transmute quirk rounds unless you got a wacky defect. i originally had the defect for it being only night.

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I also made a LEGENDARY GRAPPLE!!! with the forging simulator i made a grapple that would keep your stats high though it fired randomly. Here is the recipe to try that in game
Do extra transmute steps if you don’t get the same.
R1: invigoration paste 2
R2 invigoration paste 2
R3: stabilization paste 2
R4: stabilization paste 2
R5: Unstable boon compound 3
R6: draining boon compound 2
Repeat R6 until your vigour runs out or your stability is almost lost
Edit: yes it is focused on the quirks. not the boons

Yup reduction gum does make it less likely that another boon will be rolled, it adds weight to the boons that are already selected. But the same could be achieved with 2 extra venerable gums and then accidentally rolling another boon doesn’t mess it up, as it’s just an anomaly and the next roll would most likely hit the wanted boon again. Reduction gums mess it up a bit as they add weight to the unwanted boon as well.

The boon selection works essentially by taking a random card out of a deck. By default every boon has 1 card in the deck so they have equal chance of being picked, gums add 10 cards in to the deck for each boon they target. So 2 venerable gums add 20 cards to each venerable boon, 2 trait reduction gums add 20 more cards to each boon that’s already been selected.

On chisels, with 2 venerable gums, if you already have a venerable boon rolled, the chances of hitting that venerable boon again are 80.8%. If you add 2 more gums that target it (be it reduction or venerable), the chance increases to 89.1%. So you’re right, it does reduce the chance of hitting an unwanted boon a lot.

I’ve just never deconstructed a 1 boon tool if it gets a random other boon as they very rarely make the tool unusable so that struck me as odd.

Awesome guide
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge :hugs::heart:

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