Guild buffs bug

Last night my guild buffs were supposed to update, they started but kept popping on and off rapidly, so I logged out and back in and now my buffs have gone

Usually that’s when they are expiring that happens or at least in my experience. Are you the one renewing the buffs or someone else?

Someone else. It went mad, constantly popping on and off so quick made game unplayable.

Do you know if the other player renewed the same buffs or added different buffs or the guild buffs just expired? I had a situation where one of my characters was not logged into the game when guild buffs expired. When I returned to the game, the game log on the right kept updating (as well as the text constantly appearing at the bottom), so I just wanted to check if this was what you were experiencing.

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That’s exactly what happened. Not sure about the other player.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check this again, although it will take 7 days before the buffs expire once more (but I have added this to the bug database nonetheless).

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I submitted a log when this happened to me while playing a couple weeks ago. Was playing when the buffs expired. Then I was surrounded by sparkles as they kept popping off and on.

Thanks for submitting the log @Krollbar.

@bigad9, I didn’t get the issue again, although as mentioned previously, I definitely experienced it before that.

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This issue will be fixed in Testing 234 / Live 235. We have the change already implemented internally but didn’t want to included it in the current release as it needs quite a bit of testing.


I don’t think my guild leader has renewed as my buffs haven’t come back. New guild needed me thinks.