Guild buffs gone!

Just pointing it out so people don’t get a surprise when they log in.

Disappointed guild buffs have gone though.

EDIT: I thought all buffs got removed, but xp buff just got used up, so it seems only guild buff have been affected.

this should be in support! [ah, sweet! I can change it myself :D]

ours were just activated last night! :sob:

I will sacrifice the guild buffs of another alt for the screenshots and for science!

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I actually suspect it’s just guild buffs, as I think teaching disappeared due to using it up!


Dang we just refreshed buffs last night too

yep exactly. if the teaching buff disappears its because it was used up, it’s the guild buffs that are disappearing erroneously.

Yeah we just turned ours back on last night and now they are gone…so sad.

welp… i hope I got enough screenshots, I just sacrificed guild buffs on all my characters lol

Guild buffs just pinged back on, thank you to Portal Seekers for reactivating.

Yea we lost ours too. Bleh.

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Same, only turned them on last night, sigh, expensive 12 hour buffs those were!

This issues is important! We actually keep loosing our buffs.

When I logged in after the patch - Our guild buff was gone that we refresh on Saturdays.

We reactivated the buffs at 8:30 (30 minutes before this post)

After about 20 minutes we lost our buffs again. I relogged and went to the guild machines…the buffs aren’t active.

Be careful with activating guild buffs! Doesn’t seem to be working!!

Yeah, guild buffs just disappeared again :confused:

@james can we have a way to give ourselves a significant amount of coin and endevour on the test server so we can test this next time? I like my grapple buff and definitely would have tried to use it if I had the option.

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I used every penny from the mall beacon & my coin to turn the buffs on and this morning only the lava one is on. I turned them all on within seconds of each other. :confused:


this is a big problem.
way too many coin sinks and not enough coin!
I really hope we can be compensated for this and/or have the guild buffs be reinstated or something


Where are the guild buffs? :frowning: (I’m not mad at you @majorvex :laughing: , just annoyed that the update messed them up)

Sorry, I don’t have enough coin to turn them on again so soon


Hi everyone,

We’re currently looking into this, but in the meantime, could you all give as much information as you can about the buffs that have stopped functioning, along with the moments leading up to it? For example, if you were leaving the sanctum to arrive at the area with the helices, or if you were receiving messages elsewhere in the game away from the helices, and so on.

Edit: Also, were they Minor, Greater or Super buffs?

As soon as I stepped out of the sanctum after update, on each character, guild buffs deactivated.

At one point they came back on, I assume guild reactivated, but lasted about 30 seconds and gone.

Had defeat, grapple and one other I cant remember, bit each char had slightly different set up with different factions.

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had nothing to do with being near the helixes, they disappeared right after going through the portal from sanctum.
all that info is in the screenshots. (buff strengths in the first/third and order of occurrence in the second/fourth)