Guild buffs gone!


A couple of days ago I activated grapple & run 3, defeat ins 2, and lava 1 within seconds of each other.

When I logged on this morning I noticed I had only one buff icon. I went to the helix machines to double check, and sure enough two are off.


Logged in, came out of sanctum. Buffs stayed on for give or take 30 seconds. Not logged in any longer but do know there were 3 buffs, all at about 50% timer. 2 buffs disappeared after moving around the house for ~30 seconds. 1 buff remained.


@ctrl-64, I can see that you have messages about two buffs that were not running. Did you have a third buff that’s still running, or you didn’t have a third buff at the time?

So all three are not running?

Are all these Helix machines in the same area (inactive and active)?


Re: helix locations. The guild I am tagged to is different than majorvex’s so that much is different. As far as the machines activity themselves I am not sure. I’m just tagged in as an area resident. Don’t even know where the helix’s are in this instance.

Sorry can’t provide more info.


Only one is running now. The helix machines are all in the same area.
Gyosha O: 1470, -986

Also, so I’ll know how long until they have to be re-upped, I always put the date on them that I turned them on:


Correct, my 4 chars all had 3 top level buffs running (thanks to Portal Seekers) and now there are no guild buffs running on any of my characters.


and we reactivated them, and they disapeared again…


yikes :open_mouth:


If it helps at all The Shire guild buffs seem to be working correctly: grapple and run, lava protection, and Builder’s Buff, all minor, all activated Sunday morning.


Just to add to my previous comment, could you state the names of your guilds with the affected buffs (if you haven’t done so already)?

Edit: And the worlds they are located on.


Portal Seekers


Im seeing the same as ctrl-64. Alt that hasnt been used since the update shows buffs in sanctum, as soon as you step out they disappear.


Guild: TGS
World: Gyosha Ophin

Affected buffs:
Grapple & Run lvl 3
Defeat Ins lvl 2


Starting to look like buffs under top tier are OK?


Damn it!!! Lvl 2 buffs wiped again. Just as that update happened. Getting expensive now lol


Activated last night, they were gone after update. Reactivated them, now after server maintenance they are gone once more…

Trung, GOLDA, Nova Golda guild


Nope we have rank 3 grapple and mine disappeared also

H.S.E. located in Kindred Bay, Sorissi


In my professional opinion, its broken.


Portal Seekers :
All buff are on tier 3

Main :

  • slot 1 defeat penality
  • slot 2 run and grapple
  • slot 3 building safety

Mining faction :

  • slot 3 gathering

Building faction :

  • slot 1 builder’s buff

Reavtivated them at 8:30 a.m EST and seems to be all gone

Located on grovidias te


Nope we only had 2 active at the time