Guild buffs gone!


[H.S.E.] The Holy Sorissian Empire activated Grapple 3, Home Healing 1 at 2am CT April 10th. Woke up and buffs were active in sanctum and completely ripped off when leaving samctum.


I think we have a fix for this. For now, don’t reactivate any guild buffs until the live game is updated.


same thing here … I activated the level 2 grappling buff yesterday and today … the buff has disappeared 2 times


Super yikes! That’s an expensive bummer.


not counting the other 2 level 1 buffs that have also disappeared


Remove coin cost for next two weeks for buffs? :eyes:


iLLumiNaughty had 3 buffs activated last Thursday (I’m feeling lucky for that)… Grapple Run Mega, Builder Safety and Builder Buff both Improved. All three buffs were gone upon log in.

The game is updating now… (Side note here… I played Neverwinter for almost 2 1/2 yrs… NEVER have I ever seen the devs fix something so quickly… unless it had to do with micro transactions)… there they just ban everyone.

Well… the hot fix is done and the buffs are still off. I’ll wait till Someone else re-ups till I risk 200k. :wink:


or at the vary lest refund the affected guilds coin this was a really costly bug


The devs are awesome.


Im fine with either or. I suggest the two weeks freebie since some may have lost buffs more than once. Definitely expensive lol


We, TNT the nixian trust, activated
grapple and run tier 3 in slot one
Lava protection tier 3 in slot two

This was done around 22:00 UTC yesterday.

Once update went live both buffs disappeared


Are we still to be expecting these to automatically refund the buffs lost? HSE is still out the coin from then.