Guild Leader Missing (not on friendslist)

I came online today and looked at one of my guilds books, where I have a few of my beacons aligned to it. The other player that was in this guild with me is missing from the list of members.

I dont see him on my friends list anymore either. Was just us two players in it, he had two characters in it, and I have three. But now I cant find him, which is odd for him to just suddenly be gone from my friend’s list. We had not connected over Steam. He was last online about 3 weeks ago.

I also checked permissions on one of my beacons where I gave three of his characters permissions, and all of those characters arent there anymore.

This guild is now without a guild leader. My characters were not given leadership, and now my characters are showing up as the only three members.

I know I can just create another guild, but I like the name and want to keep it around.

What can I do?

I post here as it seems like a bug to me. If his account was deleted, I should have been auto given leadership afaik, but I am only listed as a member.

I don’t think this happens, but might be something one of the Devs can manually do for you.


I would like that. I’m not sure what I need to do to request dev assistance for this.

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Maybe that player was banned or removed from the game? Maybe he left the guild? I’d PM @james for assistance.