Guild Log Channels are not Displaying

I am not certain if this is intended or a bug. The “Log” Channel that was able to be monitored by the directors and coin keepers of the guild are not displaying as options in the guild chat section:


Between each of these guilds was the ‘guild log’ option. So it would say “Portal Seekers Log” and “Hunting Log”. When I clicked on this log it would show activity in that guild as it related to coin transactions/member and it was broken out by faction.

My guild permissions have not changed, I still have “Coin Controller” and all permissions except Director.

I checked in the guild sections, that information is not being presented. It appears the information is now being tracked by 'Notifications" which doesn’t say which faction donated the coin:

So this beacon:
Actually donated that coin to Portal Masters, a faction we use to keep track of our Hubs coin.

Without being able to see the way donations come in, it makes it difficult to track coin. We don’t have a direct audit for payouts/collections.

Please review this and if the log can be returned by faction that would be very helpful for proper guild coin management.

Thank you

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Just to add a few additional problems with this:

When it was broken out by logs it made it easier to track coin in/out which was done in one faction. Activity happened in another faction.

Portal Master faction - Collected coin from beacons and then transferred the coin to Portals Seekers Main faction.

Portal Seekers Main Faction - Paid buffs/player pay outs/Purchases Oort

Now there is no way to audit activity for the few weeks because it is all muddled together and the two factions look the same.

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Which of those are guilds and factions?

Portal Seekers is our Guild

Within Portal Seekers is the Factions listed up there. Factions: Hunting, Building, Mining & Gathering, Crafting, Portal Master.

As a quick test - if you remove your permissions then readd them - does the channel show up again?

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Hey, put the request in to the director, I think he is at work. I can’t change the permissions, think it needs him.

I will update once tested.

I had the permission removed and added again. I was sent Screen Shots of it being removed/added. I still don’t have log channels.


On this note, I keep getting the same notifications over and over! Holy moly I’m going crazy. I have to scroll down for 1 min everytime. This happens when I turn off and turn back on and sometimes coming back from sanctum.

I know it is the weekend, just putting this here for when folks return to the office:


Still no logs:

Thanks. We’re aware that the Guild Log channels are no longer accessible and what the issue is.

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