Guild members do not generate footfall

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I guess some people feel the dev is developing the game and have the right to define what they feel the model and design should be.

We’ve seen many times when the community makes decisions for itself that hurts us more than the developer’s decisions.

But, hell I guess we each can decide what we think is best. Personally I feel footfall should go away completely and bring us a better economy model. So maybe that means the devs don’t know better in my view… or at least some would say that. But for me the different is - removing footfall is my opinion. If the devs don’t do it then I support their decision since it is their game and will help them make the best model they can that is fair. So in this case people exploit footfall so there should be restrictions.


The thing is though there are a lot of people in this very tiny community that believe there aren’t as many problems or issues in the game than there really is. The game isn’t that great anymore. It use to be, but it isn’t anymore. Whether someone wants to agree with that or not is irrelevant. If the game was great would be attracting more people but it isn’t. Another thing is this game has the potential to become a very great game, it just isn’t at that point right now but it can. I do like this game, however, I just don’t consider it a great or amazing game right now. It was a lot more fun in Early Access and that’s saying a lot since the game had less stuff in it back then.

The first step is always identifying and admitting that there is a problem. Boundless isn’t, at least IMO, a great and amazing game anymore but I do want it to be.

This I do agree with. I think those of us, including you and myself, that have suggested things with good intentions of improving the game and pushing the devs down a path that isn’t ultimately destroying work that has consumed 5+ years of their life’s work has been delivered in a pretty civil manner. From what I’ve noticed and personally feel, they’ve ignored pretty much all of it. A trello board is also irrelevant for the most part.

I do think they’ve handicapped themselves with footfall and beacons at this point in the game by attaching so much importance to it and not leaving them the flexibility of switching out systems. It seems like any changes they make to any kind of mechanics have been typically more dramatic of a change than they anticipated.

Anyways… these are all my opinions. Don’t really care if someone gets offended by them. Sick of walking on egg shells around people in this community.


in any other MMO no but when the devs say ok here is your only means to generate coin then they start adding a kind of big exemption to the list its a bad idea


Yeah at times I feel the same way… wish for a wipe to restart and hopes that might adjust things. Overall then I tell myself that the issues will still be there…

I think the devs know best for what they feel the model should be. I will always view things that way especially when I saw some player decisions really hurt us. I’m very cautious with players because their own interest is more important to them than the whole. Devs at least kind of have to try their best to look at the whole.

But, I think the biggest issue with the devs is I don’t think they play the game enough to really understand the challenges the average player faces. The issues that probably make you, me, and others frustrated and not sure the game fulfillment is there.

This is key… what many people don’t get is that systems and models change as time goes on. The decision to make this a MMO Voxel was great at the beginning, but now I would seriously challenge that it is the best view considering the challenges and landscape we are faced with right now. It comes down to what is of more value - the MMO feel or possibly just a building game for more solo people. Which will in the end bring more income and enjoyment for all.

I see many systems that cause more problems than help and especially makes it so many people don’t participate in many areas of the game.

I do agree that beacons were useful to help protect land but once you tagged footfall, settlements, and prestige to it the system and use was tainted and a ton of other problems and player actions that came in caused problems in the game. And now that you have players using those we get the dramatic conversations and the devs are faced with this issue - one mad group by removing or another mad group by not removing.

In the end maybe they can fine a way out but I still believe much was lost when building and creativity components of the game were hijacked by real world things like mayors, money, etc…


For the most part I am more in agreement with what you’re saying here. We’re on different sides of the footfall stuff and all that.

I just want this game to be as good as it can be. Though I think they can still manage to have a sandbox voxel MMO that supports solo and group play, it’s just they aren’t introducing things specifically for either one.

Player made dungeons is a large enough piece of content that would solve that.

But for now, I want to stop derailing this thread from the original topic.


I’m not sold either way on my own view on if footfall should go away or not. :slight_smile: . All I know is we need more in the economy and the model we have now limits us too much and doesn’t allow all to really participate.

I also don’t know if I agree that friends / guildies should block footfall. Maybe just making it be x number of coin per day per person might be fine. It certainly would give me more funds because right now I have a lot of people on perms for a guild beacon and we get nothing for it… and I don’t have much land for myself because all I have done for 6 months is guild stuff.

Either way I think the devs need to clarify their views on why footfall is set up this way and why some things count and some things don’t. Also, ultimately, how they are going to improve the economy for all of us and not just the select few that own the main hubs or top shops in those hot areas.


Footfall shouldn’t be blocked by anyone cause that’s an idiotic thing to do. People already abuse and exploit footfall with the restrictions and we don’t have a strong economy. So throw the balance out the window for now. Let people have fun by having more coin to spend. It will just be a huge positive thing for the existing player base.

The devs don’t just need to clarify their views. They need to be a lot more communicating with their player base instead of being so cautious. It’s like they’re holding up in some bunker underground ever sense they nerfed bomb mining out of existence.


Does this mean that if I belong to a guild, all members of the ghetto do not generate me coins per step? please certify this information is very valuable to me


This x1000

They made a game without conflict, then added sources of conflict, and are now surprised there’s tension?

The vision they have, of cities being organic, being absorbed, and all that, it’s just not consistent with the attitude of the people who buy the game. They aren’t attracting the kind of players who want that kind of system, the ones who play Ark and Rust.

I hate to say it, but all the time spent on footfall, and even the guild system (trying to also cater to the people who want individuality), feels wasted, not to mention all the confusion about alts and stuff.


I agree. Footfall should be generated by all visitors, not visitors of a certain type. And it’s fine if the amount is decreased for repeat visits, but the game should make the rules clear. We shouldn’t have to do scientific experiments to figure out how the footfall system works.


Ceresward, I strongly believe in the philosophy of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

A lot of simple systems, features, and mechanics that work side by side and communicate with one another is a lot better than less of those things but are way more complicated.


Here is where I agree there is a problem. With footfall being the only source of coin (less the small amounts from objectives and weekly feats), it seems that any limitation is a bad idea. I think the last rebalance was trying to somewhat flatten the curve from the ones who get the least footfall to the ones that get the most.

I did notice that until someone did an experiment with it, most of the complaints about footfall had decreased. And now we think we should be getting more? I hope if this is not a bug and the developers do change this that they do not also make other changes if they think this would unbalance footfall.


honestly what I like most of the game are the footsteps and tecibir coins in exchange, every day I connect with the illusion of seeing how many coins I have in the beacon, but since 2 months at least it is stripped, I think of other games , before I just thought without limits and erase the rest but every update they upload will load the game more, sincerely at this step the game will end just like the no man sky, deleted, since they sell you one thing, they announce trailers and a thousand news and then when you buy it, you do not have half of what you say you have and, to top it off, every update is more spoiled, so you do not attract people, it’s more like the few we are, I hope they solve it soon, since 6 months ago I bought it, I do not think about another game, but every day that passes, I think about leaving without limits because it has nothing else to build, you can hunt and sell and buy but without coins, all this is not worth anything


That is correct. I personally enjoy the science of it, finding what works, what doesn’t, and optimising around it. But I need to know if this is intended before I optimise


That is correct. If the players owning the beacon are in the same guild as you they do not generate any footfall. We have done exhaustive testing of this running through every variation possible. Players in same guild will not generate footfall regardless of how the beacon permissions are set.


Guild members should still contribute footfall to your beacon under the same rules that anyone else that isn’t explicitly on your friends list.

That is all.


Friend list folks still generate footfall, hopefully devs will update so that the guild members now do too.


This is kinda crazy, it means that if you’re a member of a very large guild (Ultima, PS, PURE, etc.) that a heck of a lot of people won’t give you footfall!

Heck, am glad I did’t join more big ones now! :slight_smile:


@james I think it would be helpful if you all tested this or communicated what generates footfall and what does not.

On one level it makes sense to protect from cheating on trying to gain footfall with footfall tricks. But, on another level it just makes no sense to release a Guild feature then have things like footfall massively impacted because people want to join guilds, aligns a beacon, etc.

I think clarity on what does and does not happen would help ensure we all fully understand the game mechanic.


@james would be happy to make a video running through the tests again that I performed with @TameJames so you can see what we found.