Guild needing

Me and a friend along with his friend are looking for a guild to merge with. My friend does brewing, cooking and farming organic, I do farming inorganic,crafting,centraforging. And we both hunt.bplease and thank you!!!


Join crymore you can get to it by going to the tnt hub then going to the mall section then there is a portal called the future mall go through that then in there there will be a portal called region xp so go through that go to the guild book ask to do it and do the region xp

How many active people are there?

Like over 100 and great guild buffs and it is owned by host who plays almost constantly and is like crazy nice and helpful

Which planet is it? We are wanting to stay on a low tier planet

It is called the future and is pretty low tier

I’d also suggest sorssi for a base

Also great place for first store

100 people though thats a lot lol

Your point is what

Isn’t there a lot of competition for selling stuff?

No it not a guild store there like I think at max 40 shops there is only 100 spots

We just don’t wnna be competing with lots of people for shop prices is all

Trust me u arnt

I’m pretty low tier and still get money

Also though u won’t probably get money right off the bat more so like every other day

Alright ill talk to my friend about it. But also still be open to other people looking. Thanks for the info

Once BUTT comes back online, a large number of players will use it to see prices from across all worlds and you will be competing with all stores.

I would choose your guild based on who you play with, not shop space.


I’m just sayin it’s good

For first one