Guild or Personal Quest System

Has there been a discussion on how or if there will be an implementation to a quest system or bounty board type setup. It would be awesome to have some scripted things that could be posted where the commands and objects are pulled from three categories to make a combination. An example would be like this:
Action List: Build (toughest to implement so okay if not in there), mine, kill, craft, collect…
Quantity: if applicable
Object List: Rock, ore, shovel, hammer, spitter, bone
Location List: x,y,z coordinates or null if not specified. You could use coordinates to specify block you want mined or removed or where to build a wall if one is wanted and of what material.
Reward List: anything tradeable could go here.

Based on this list you could give a type of quest with a reward such as (and this is the most complex one):
Build, Metamorphic Stone Wall, xx2, yyy, zz1 to xx7, yyy, zz3 ( to be something like a 3 high wall that goes 5 blocks long).

There could also be simple things like: collect 5 bones, kill 1 titan xxx,yyy,zzz.

Originally I thought this would be a good way for a guild to compete in points as upon completion of these types of quest would yield guild points based on complexity or difficulty of the task. There would have to be a major balance. If guilds had separate beacons (not sure if finalized yet) these quests could be the foundation of determining how many beacons the guild has earned. That way it isn’t based on number of players and gives small guilds a chance as well as challenging larger guilds to stay active with constant quests and challenges. Also helps support community projects as everyone gets rewarded.

I don’t see reason this needs to be a feature. You could organize this yourself with signs and contracts. Guilds could benefit a variety of ways, and players could gain rep or coin for their services.

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Is there a system in place for said contracts that facilitates that transaction or is it still if you do this I promise sometime in the future I will give you this, trust me.

I agree just a contract system would work and this was an idea that would be placing what would basically be a services plinth that people could pick up or purchase contracts in a sense, but instead of paying you just grab it like a location marker and upon completion it is fulfilled and payment is given when returning to the plinth. If there is another system that I missed in place to facilitate this please link me the article. I wasn’t able to find one myself and have been away from the game and forums for the last year or so, but am excited to see how things have developed.