Guild "Phones"?

I’ve been thinking about the guild system that will be put in,and there might be a huge flaw. Communication!!! If you have 7 people in your guild then you’ll have no problem keeping track,but if you have 60-70-80-90-100+ how are you going to keep up. I think the purpose of a guild is to build a team, a big family. But if you have a big guild and you want to tell them the location of a Oort temple,how can you?
Well I think a guild “phone” would be a great idea. It would allow you to send messages to only members of your guild.

Time:7:30pm picific eastern
Location:X57 Y-24 Z83
Notes:Hello my fellow members/Oortians,I have landing party at this location for a Titan battle. Anyone that comes will get any and all free loot they can get from the droops. This Titan is a short range,charger,so bring power bows and lots of arrows. I’ll see you there.

This is only a example of course,but I believe I’ve made my point.
I don’t know what to call it, guild pad? Idk


A chat channel and a mail system with a function to send a message to all guild mates at once would be enough to fill this role, but instead of having that in a sterile tab on screen it may be done with a pad you mentioned which is hold in the hand of the character and then into the FOV if used would be great for the immersion of the game :wink:

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I recall immersion being a fairly big concern for the devs, so having global chat would just be silly. I think that a magical oort pad thing that can hold other peoples tokens would be cool, want to friend someone? Exchange tokens then you can message them on the Opad.


Japp, I’m also against any form of a global chat. If you want to talk to someone out of shouting range you should have to use such a device :blush:

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Please explain in more detail what you mean. And it’s not really a pad,it’s just a base idea. But I still think having something to talk to a lot of people,again only in of guild,would be cool.

I understand not wanting a global chat, it is basically just a troll breeding ground.

Also, I feel immersion is a big deal. However, getting in touch with friends and guild mates is huge as well.

When I was playing WoW on a RPG server I used a item making addon and some Lua, with the non combat pets to make messenger hawk to talk to my orc clan.

Perhaps we can do something like that a homing pigeon or something. However, something that we have to craft each time. Then we can send out a message to whose ever homing beacon that we have. Guilds however can make an aviary or something to send out a mass message to the whole guild.

It would be a good way to get someone a message with out them having to find a mail box but maybe if they are off line at the time of the message the bird or what ever drops the message off in their mail box.

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I like the idea of pets carrying messages, but I don’t like the idea of having to craft a new whatever every time. Maybe you’d have your own aviary or could just get another messenger pidgeon from the guild aviary if you used one.

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Yeah,that is great. Could there be options, like to one person,or to all guild members?

I would say that depends on how or if they implement it^^

And,would there be “pigeons” for just guilds,or for anyone.

I hope for everyone. Or maybe there are faster pets that you can only get as a guild and slower ones that everyone can get.

Ok,and I’m asking you. Do you think all flying pets should be able to message.

no xD Or maybe yes^^ Would be hilarious to see a 10 meter long dragon delivering a mail xD Or what about one of those gigantic jelly fish someone wants^^

I don’t know,maybe only 3-meter birds can delive a message.

Seems like an aweful lot of complexity for a simple task. Not to be a buzz kill here, but I’d rather they invest more time in the more exciting game play aspects like titan fights rather than some complex messaging system.


Not me I would rather have the messaging system. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, who said complicated, we want an immersive message system.

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True but we all now that they want to make things smart so they surely can come up with a immersive message system without making it to complex for them and us.

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Alright, this is simple, the answer is tokens

for those who are new and dont know read about it here.

this have been discussed a million times so i will be boring and sum up my opinion quickly,

have 2 systems

  1. Mail: you can send stuff to anybody for a fee as long as you have their name, it should take time for the mail to arrive after being sent

  2. Communication relic: everybody starts with a relic that they can put tokens into, if you have the token of a person you can put it in and you can do long range communication with that person, both persons would have to have the opposite persons token in it to be able to do this, a guild token can be made although a bit more expensive, putting in a guild token in the relic will allow you enter a special guild communication room where you can write with anybody else also having that token.

Plain, simple, and effective.

this have been discussed a million times now, and people are generally split in

‘‘a solid simple system would be great’’


‘‘i want to have a messenger pigeon which can be seen globally and when it delivers a mail it will blow up in a huge area of fire and write the entire mail into the clouds!!’’ (exaggeration to underline the opinion)

Why didn’t I ever hear about the second one?^^ That sounds like the simple solution we need.

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or harry potter letter, whenever you get a mail you get a sassy voice to read it up for you xD

its a joke for those who didnt catch on