Guild System: What do we know?

Hey Guys, I don’t know much well actually nearly nothing about that xD So I just ask and Collect all Information here cause there’s no Thread for that.

What do you guys know about Guilds and the Guild System already?

‘‘the only thing i truly know is that i nothing know’’

thats right I want to know something tell me! XD

well your bid is as good as mine, dont think they have many anything extremely specific.

@ben @james anything you guys want to share?

The first part of Guilds we’re looking at is making it super easy to collaborate on builds and communicating. This is the primary focus. Lots of additional things can / will lead from this, but they’re not really ready for any public announcement yet.

We’d love to hear what you’re hoping for? What Guild ideas do you have? What are your demands?

at the very least some sort of guild progression. a system like wow where your guild could level up by doing stuff together and completing guild specific achievements.

or a guild window where you can pay some money wait some time and then you have unlocked something, it would draw from the guild bank so people would need to deposit a little bit of gold to make up a great guild. also a really good gold sink.

not to hijack the thread but how do you guys plan to do gold sinks?


Be cool if guilds could make/claim cities and have the ability to make quests
also have to find away to fund those quests threw making some kind of to get martials and gold to give to the player

If NPC’s get added they could manage them and deal with drug trafficking and other issues :3

and if a guild is formed they could have a item crafted that gives them town info

also if ones formed in a hostile world if mobs of enemies are always trying to kill the guildies and take there town (Heaven)

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I actually dont like the idea of guild rankings. Having rankings or levels or whatever just makes you feel like you have to play, and it keeps people from being casual. I think guilds should offer shared land, a bank sort of deal, and generally just a group of people to collaborate with. The more simple guilds are the better imo.

its called having a goal. a carrot on a stick. something to show the difference between big dedicated guilds who have used a long time on it and small 2 man guilds that just friends started (i usually do this with my mate) and its an encouragement to actually use a guild.

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I don’t think that actually would be necessary in a game where it should be possible to build said object/workshop that gives the guild members the things you normally just pay for to get?

ehhhhh. whut?

Mostly in MMO’s when you have a guild you pay to give the full guild some kind of buff or extra ability, doing this in Oort would be a wasted opportunity as we could actually produce and build machines/workshops that does the exact same thing. Meaning we get the thing in a physical form instead of just some text in the guild screen.

but gold sinks…

i like the GW2 system where you get influence points by playing with your guild mates, its a way to show who is strong and who is not. a guild should progress and become more and more epic, for example leveling up gives a recipe to add guild emblem to items or leveling up gives other recipes that could be used for cool things.

having a guild where there is nothing to it seems kinda worthless, if my guild i have worked on as a year is only as much worth as one that just started kinda thing.

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Then the worth could be increased as you build guild machines/construction and other stuff, and then when the guild levels up you unlocks new guild related machines?

then you still keep the level system, which is all i want. i just propose either a time sink or a gold sink for leveling up a guild . it needs one of them

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I would like to see multiple guild options for players.
My kids and I have a guild for playing and communicating together!
The city I live in has a guild for building, commerce, shared local goals and support.
Then a guild for raiding those Titans.

Would also like each of these guilds to have unlimited tiers/labels.


I would love to have emblems and items especially for guild members like capes, armor parts or shields

I also want to have ranks for guilds (or rank like advancement though upgrading something), not within it. Every player should play as much as he want, but if you work together for special tasks the influence of you guild may rise and you would be able to do more stuff like new items with emblemes, bigger beacons for your guild city(s), a larger guild bank or even a piece of ground at the capital of the world your city lies within (where you can build a small shop or a agency with a board for anouncements. May be you even may build a portal to your guild city so that visitors of the capital have a short cut to you :wink:


Thor had a good point. There’s not that many things you could give a guild in terms of physical unlockables in a sandbox game. But a freshly made guild won’t have everything automatically either.

Think of it that way. A guild normally begins with few members. They might rent a little space in a town and start searching for new members. They complete quests and/or give out quests. The town people get to know them and the guild slowly builds up reputation. They buy a bigger house or even a palace and have a say in what direction the town should go. There’s no cheat in the world that can earn you real reputation. And I think that’s a really important currency in a player driven game like Oort.

That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get some sort of reward besides that. Something you only can get as a guild. But I really can’t think of anything at the moment^^

could have guild the ablitiy to build and manage a guild town :smiley:

maybe have them make a item that lets them check info on whats going on in the town

also having sub parts of the guild for like sellers, crafters, fighter, mage and so on that foces on things they like doing but could still do what every they want just way to deal with a large group if it got that big like you could have a leader in each sub part

guilds could also make quest and have to find someway to fund the quest

guilds in hostel worlds have to think of ways to protect there town from enemys

guilds could provide servies

guilds could trade large amounts of goods to other guilds

guilds could maybe be able to give discounts to guildies on items :3


Drug trafficking? Guy, go home you’re drunk or even high :smiley:

Me neither, there dont have to be an Ranking, But an list with all Guilds, exsisting has to be, so you can find an Guild youre searching for without hasting around until you can find an member or even their base ^^