Guilds and Beacons


I’m preparing a hopefully different approach, I just haven’t had the free time to lay it out coherently.


you know what would be good, to not run in such a messy amount of posts?

Someone like @Heurazio did and @Combatman12 recommended, the idea-pro-con-thread.
Just with one difference to heurazios thread: there will be one post. people should just give their ideas to the post creator via pm. And the creator always edits his post. Because even @Heurazio s post got pretty large somewhen. And you always have to check, till what point the discussion was implemented.
Another advance would be, that people don’t discuss since they always just see the edited versions and not whatever people say before summarizing and implementing in the post. If someone have this time, would probably help…

on the other hand i hope that dev’s survey which comes soon will help us out.


I think what most people who want the guild to be an all around system for socializing and grouping fail to see that we actually all ready have a group system, player tokens, I see them as what you’d call a party or team in other games, even though they can be used for permissions, but I see that only as an extension for temporary group management.

As for guilds, I think they will be used in a two ways mostly.

Firstly they would be “guilds” in classical RPG sense, where different people come together to work for mutual goals and benefits and/or to bond with friends.

Secondly, I see people making more permanent operations/corporations, these would be those secondary guilds people would be joining besides “main” guild, where people collaborate on more specialized tasks than on the main guilds(for example a mining operation or merchant guild and so on).


At present though, there are only 8 slots (including your own) on a beacon control, so that kind of sucks if you have more than you and 7 other friends that want to play together :wink:

That being said, I’m starting to look at the whole guilds/friends from a different perspective… a purely permissions perspective.

For example…
Adding friends to beacons is great for small collaborations (which may be all some people want to do), but when that same group of friends want to collaborate on more and more projects together (with separate beacons to the original collaboration)… you wouldn’t want to have add each an every friend token, every time, to each new beacon.

That for me is where guilds come in. You create a guild, add your friends to it, and then simply grant the guild permission to the beacon - single guild token, much easier! Additionally, if you don’t want certain friends/colleagues to have all permissions within a beacon, you move them to a sub-guild and give that sub-guild different permissions.

I would assume (I know it’s not good to assume anything, but I’ll do it anyway :wink: ) that this kind of thing will also have an impact on not just beacons, but also the proposed “locks” as well, and I’m guessing that these will be used to lock doors and containers etc.

If a guild vault is planned for the future, I think that being able to allocate different permissions to groups of people will also be an added benefit here too.

This ^ for me is the reasoning behind the way guilds / sub-guilds and friend tokens are planned. It’s effectively what is called an ACL (Application Control Layer), which is used to control … well basically, player permissions … and everything that can be locked or restricted (such as beacons) is classed as the application.


I’d like to respectfully reject your proposal.

In-depth conversations between two people are useful as they can spark new ideas and be used to gauge community support for different opinions.

Instead of suggesting we not talk as much, I think we should be asking others to contribute more. This is clearly a very important discussion for the future of the game. Yes, it’s troublesome to catch up on a few posts. But making an effort to stay updated and to make contributions based on your own thoughts and experiences is basically the duty of all of us as backers of the game. If you don’t want to or don’t have time to, fine. But others do have time and the devs have told us they read everything. If I feel that I have something to contribute that I think may be worth mentioning, I’m going to mention it because I feel that it might be contributing to not only conversation but to the future of the game.

Hope that makes sense.


I think option 1 or 3 would be the way to go. I see guilds in Boundless being vaguely similar to a factions plugin in Minecraft, where when you join a faction they get bonus availability to claim land, kind of like the whole beacon situation. however, if this land becomes automatically unclaimed by beacons it could completely screw over the guild. In Minecraft betrayal was not uncommon and generally the betrayal affected claimed land. with option 2 guild betrayal with no consequence could happen. that’s why I’d back option 1 with a notice/pop up that informs the player that once they give beacons to the faction they can never get them back. I’m not sure If this, or something similar has been suggested or if it completely misses the mark at this point in the conversation but just thought I’d try to provide some input.


You’d back option 1 so that betrayal couldn’t happen?

Some folks in this thread suggested option 2 but give a 7 day period where guilds can find other members/move resources around so that the loss of beacon space when a player leaves doesn’t absolutely cripple them. Likewise, players who leave do not have access to their beacons during this 7 day time.

What do you think about that?


I think that would work pretty well. I just feel like joining a guild should be a bit more of a big deal, than something you are going into knowing that you can just back out at any time. that’s just not how life works. I would like option 2 a bit better if each player was limited to how many guilds they could join or leave during a set amount of time, so that players aren’t just joining guilds for short term benefits.


This is a much better idea then any of the options given in the original post. Craft-able guild beacons is the way to go. You could even set the limit of the number of guild beacons based on the number of people in the guild. Then use a decay mechanism on these crafted beacons instead of donated beacons if guild numbers drop.