(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·GUILDSANCTUM ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯)Got Water


Hi people aquatopian is looking for awesome guilds
to join our guildsanctum

we build a massive temple with the arte intera groupbuild crew
to have a place where guilds can educate people about there guild
and be part off this historic place


Find the aquatopian embassy hub on beckon
there’s a super easy shortcut inside the ultima world hub just run trew the second portal in straight line and you there
its most central portal on the aquatopian empire portal stage
ya cant miss!!!



we have big rooms and small rooms
to inform people our plant a artpiece to represent your guild
to join just contact us on our discord



to all the builders
off this epic place
@etherian woods
and many more


COMING SOON (gets updated)

iconic guild
Lotus kingdom

secret guild room

try find it :wink:

Your proudest year one achievement/moment

Added epic people off sasquatch
Ya can also contact @edWe to get a room


Finally! We have been there and lonely for so long!


Iconic in the house!


Hey, can I grab a plot for Lotus Kingdom


Yes I be around in 9hours our ya could ask @edwe I’ll try get it to you soons


thx for epic support people
hope to add two more guilds to the list soons
and this weekend i hope to get all the guilds to there sanctum chamber
Get ready for some cool builds people
you guys made my month :smiley:

new updates---->


@KushChapo @ginabean @TameJames @Xaldafax @Lesioui @Tonezone @Hashmalash
me and @EdWe gonna try to be around all day tomorrow to get you guys rooms i had a little delay in RL but im ready to get this temple filled with all your awesome guilds

EDIT:great succes our current resident guilds
just got a hole bunch off new neigbors

sasquatch guild

goldenfist guild

reapers guild

cuttlepunk guild

iconic guild

ultima guild

duskmoor guild

iluminaughty guild


Well I built my area. I think it turned out pretty sweet.


Looks just Ominous enough.


Did you check it out in person?


Not yet. I’m at work still. :frowning:


me neither but i def wil asap


Officially checked it out! I love the smoke effect!


Just want to showcase Illuminoorti Sanctum lot.

I’m guessing there are three large plots left, and tons of small guild lot too.


Very nice work. Checked it out the other day. Come on other guilds. Getter done!


ill be making the smaller spots two wide in futur and we can extend if needed :smile: just been there but its getting to late to post the new rooms love what ya guys done @SolFall rulz tomorrow i post the golden fist room i heard a rumour @Orrian is next hahah
if we fill enough room we might get @AmandaPan to honor us with another legendary guild room :angel:


Lol I will start something this weekend. I need a project organizer.


Our a covert reminder lolz


:smirk::smirk::smirk: oh hey there