🔆 Gyosha Mall + GMG Gyosha Mall Guild Mega Thread + NEW Sovereign Planet Portals

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:arrow_right: Gyosha Mall discord: https://discord.gg/YDF69bv

Mall map (click on it then right-click and select “open in new tab”, then click on it to magnify):

Screenshots of the update progress Oct 1st 2019:

:earth_americas: Mall location: Gyosha Ophin 1572N, -861E, Alt65


This is my first youtube video…zero editing because I’m away from home using a laptop right now. I might have set the volume too low, so you may have to crank it up to hear it lol.

May I present Gyosha Mall, a spec in the Boundless Universe that we love!


When i joined my shop was like number 4 prestige and up there with the most stands, now im averagly middle of the pack. So i just stole some more space and am doubling in size/stock/dyabolical deals.

Game on moles.


I saw that someone has 2 more request baskets than me… lol I really need to start on my actual build because right now it’s just a functional uglyshack.


Dang I really wish my shop was finished before that vid lol



  1. Working on an area for the Guild center.
  2. Updated the settlement name to Gyosha Syndicate (the mall is within the Gyosha Syndicate & is still called “Gyosha Mall”.
  3. Added a basic mine. You can find: soft coal, reg coal, sand, gravel, rocks, copper & iron. Portal is in the Mall’s portal hub.
  4. Finished glass ceiling in the south end of the mall.
  5. Currently working on the Guild area + adding more room for new shops/offices/workshops.


Why is the new section blocked off with a spark link?

I don’t know why but you can access the section through the shops which have an entrance on each side

That was a new section that I wasn’t ready to open for shops yet…I will go remove that barrier.

I think the new section is less attractive. It’s hard to find (even without a blocking spark link :slight_smile: ) because the street leading there is much smaller then the main street and the street on the back, too, is very tight. Do you have a plan to “get some traffic” to this section? Or what’s the idea behind this?

I didn’t think it would grow to that area. The new section does front the Guild building/area that is being built.

I will be home in a week or so …I’ll be able to use my big rig & I am planning on making a YT vid of all the stores. I think that may help a bit :+1:


Nice job with the ceiling on the south end, thankyou, I do not like getting wet.


New today:

  • GyoshaCity = free building area. Build a house, a shop, pixel art, workshop, etc. There is a portal in the hub area of the mall, next to the free mine portal. GyoshaCity is located at the far south end of the mall. People are already plotting & building
  • New south hall = re-purposed for shops
  • New area for shops on the south side


Was there two or three days ago. Kicked myself later as I saw a silver slingbow for 449 coins and bought it. then just a few stores away was a couple for 200 coins each. Would have bought both of them. Oh well, teach me to check all stores first. Put some glass in a basket and some goats eyes in a basket and a couple of other items.
Basically, spent what I made there and some of mine, happy with what I got.


I checked the place out yesterday. I love it. It reminded me of the malls I went to when I was young.

I bought a couple of items and I would say you have to look at all the spaces as I found better deals as I shopped.

I will be back…as soon as I have cash…:disappointed:


Shop spaces added, multi-use spaces added, addresses corrected & updated


Trying out a method of color-coding aisles with chiseled LED (other blocks/colors don’t show up well in Gyosha’s atmosphere). Each mall aisle will have a color assigned.

I’m trying to avoid changing the floor blocks/colors so the mall base structure remains neutral/muted & that shops remain the focal point.


CONGRATULATIONS! EPIC ! Love your beautiful mall it’s a place I need to visit like tonight.Your a talented bunch great imagination.Happy oortmass everyone :wink:


Will be stopping there later on if I can to do some window shopping, may have some items to put in baskets. The only negative I have, and it is really for the shop owners not the mal owner, is that some of the LED lights are overwhelming. A little bit goes a long way. I won’t go in if there are so many light flashing, can set off a migraine all those lights flashing.
Feel for anyone who may be epileptic, can flashing lights like that set off a seizure?

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I have migraines with visual aura, currently building my base in Gyosha City, lights bother me but Gyosha Mall is fine. All colors are muted a bit by planet’s lighting.

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